John Deere lawn tractors troubleshooting

John Deere lawn tractors troubleshooting. It does not matter much which model of tractors you use to cut the grass and landscaping because its performance depends upon maintenance and care.

If you take care of your lawn tractor by removing the debris and grass from it immediately after mowing the lawn and using quality and new fuel, it will not cause problems.

But, if you use your lawn tractor roughly, it will create many issues that require proper troubleshooting from professionals.

Here, I am mentioning a list of common issues for lawn tractors.

  • Engine is twisting
  • The engine is making a noise
  • Fuel is burning too much
  • The lawn tractor is not starting
  • Not accurately cutting the grass
  • Fuel is leaking
  • Engine is overheating

So, these are some common issues that happen to the lawn tractor; some of these can be troubleshot by yourself. But, if there is a significant issue, you need to hire a professional to fix the problem.

John Deere lawn tractors troubleshootingJohn Deere lawn tractor troubleshooting

John Deere has a good reputation 0f producing good models of lawn tractors, but like other machines, these tractors also start to malfunction when their different parts are worn out due to debris and extreme weather.

If you are searching for troubleshooting of John Deere lawn tractors, read the following points.

Engine is twisting

If the lawn tractor’s engine is twisting while cutting the grass, then you need to check the muffler or engine because this issue is related to it.

First, check the engine deeply; if there is an issue, you need to check it with an expert because you hardly know how to troubleshoot the engine.

If everything seems well to the engine and still the engine is twisting, inspect the muffler because there are also chances that the muffler screws are not tightened, and they are making a noise due to which the lawn tractors engine is also distorted.

The engine is making a noiseThe engine is making a noise

If the lawn tractor engine is making a noise continuously, there are different factors behind it, but it mostly starts to knock when there is less fuel in the oil tank.

It does not matter whether you use gas or oil as fuel; if the fuel is less in the tank, then the tractor starts to make a noise to inform you that you have to refill the fuel.

Fuel is burning too much

This problem does not happen with new lawn tractors, but it can occur if your lawn tractor is old and you are using it. Check the carburetor and fuel filter if your tractor burns more fuel than its average. If any of these is faulty, then the tractor will consume more fuel.

If the fuel filter is damaged, then replace it with a new fuel filter. If the fuel filter is not faulty, then check the carburetor.

Dust remains on different parts like the carburetor and becomes clogged if you do not clean your lawn tractors after cutting the grass. So, take the services of the expert and remove the clog from the carburetor so that the engines consume less fuel.

Not accurately cutting the grass

If the lawn tractor is not accurately cutting the grass and the grass is uneven in some places, it could be an issue with the blades.

Check the position of blades because sometimes their position is changed due to uneven surface. If you use old blades, check their sharpness because it decreases with time, and they start cutting uneven grass.

Fuel is leakingFuel is leaking

If the fuel is leaking from the tractor, then immediately stop the tractor and check the oil tank. If the fuel tank is cracked, you must repair or replace the tractor’s fuel tank.

However, this is a significant issue, and you can not open the fuel tank and replace it, so you need to take the services of a professional.

If there is nothing wrong with the fuel tank, check the fuel filter because if it is faulty, you must change it.

Engine is overheating

If the engine is overheating, it is not a mechanical issue because you are running the lawn tractor at low speed for a long time. So, you have to change the speed and gear of the tractor.

You can not run it constantly at high or low speed because it overheats the engine. If the engine is overheated, stop[ the engine and let it cool for some time. Then, start the engine and run the tractor at average speed to that the engine does not heat up.


The final words of this article are that John Deere makes good brands of lawn tractors that run for a long time without issue, but their maintenance is essential.

If you do not take care of the extreme weather and run it on an uneven surface, its various parts start to malfunction. Some issues are mentioned in this article to help out with how you can troubleshoot your lawn tractor.

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