John Deere fuel pump troubleshooting

John Deere fuel pump troubleshooting. The john deere fuel pump’s essential purpose is to control the fuel flow into the riding mower’s carburetor. There is a sensor installed in the fuel pump that controls the fuel flow.

If this sensor becomes faulty, the fuel pump will not give the right amount of fuel to the engine to start and run. The engine backfires and turns off.

If you have refilled the fuel in the fuel tank and the john deere riding mower is not starting, there are several reasons behind it. Still, the most common reasons are blockage in the fuel line and you using low-quality fuel in the mower.

If you are skillful and using the john deere riding mower for a long time, you can troubleshoot the fuel pump but if you are a new user, hire a professional to fix the problem.

John Deere fuel pump troubleshootingJohn Deere fuel pump

If your john deere fuel pump is creating problems and you are unable to run the mower in full flow without any stoppage, then don’t worry about this situation because every issue has its solution.

Read the flowing points and check the reasons beyond the faulty fuel pump and how you can troubleshoot them.

Quality of fuel

The quality of the fuel matters a lot in the working efficiency of the riding lawn mower. If you use high-quality gas in the mower, the fuel pump will not have an issue.

But, using low-quality gas to save money is dangerous because bad-quality fuel is stuck on different parts like fuel filters, fuel pumps, and fuel lines, making it difficult for the fuel to flow to the engine.

So it is suggested that you always try to use quality fuel so there should be no issue with the fuel pump and fuel lines.

If you check that the engine is not getting the fuel from the fuel pump, then inspect the fuel pump. First, try to remove the clog from the fuel.

If it works and the engine is started, your problem is solved by cleaning the debris from the fuel pump. However, if the fuel pump becomes faulty, do not waste time and take the services of a skillful professional and replace the john deere fuel pump to start the mower.

The fuel line is cloggedThe fuel line is clogged

If you refilled the fuel tank yesterday and it is quality fuel, yet the fuel pump is making an issue, it could be an issue with the fuel line.

It is necessary to clear the debris and dust from the fuel lines after some days if you daily use your riding mower to cut the grass. If the debris and old oil stick in the fuel lines, it is difficult for the fuel pump to flow the fuel to the engine to start the machine.

Check the fuel lines by opening the fuel cap and then use unclogged tool to remove the dust and clog from the fuel lines.

The fuel pump is leaking

If the fuel pump leaks, stop the riding mower because it can catch fire. There are different causes of leakage in the fuel pump.

If you leave the mower in an open area for a long time in extreme weather, then holes are made in the fuel pump and other parts, which are the significant reasons for the oil leakage in the fuel pump.

First, inspect the fuel pump closely; if you check for any sign of crack and the fuel pump is damaged due to wear and tear, then you have only option to replace the fuel pump of the riding mower because repairing is impossible.

It is also essential to change the drained plug accurately after replacing the oil in the engine. If you do not fix it tightly, the oil starts to leak from the fuel pump.


The final words on this article are that if your john deere fuel pump is creating the problem and you are looking for its troubleshooting, ensure to use quality and fresh oil in the mower to run.

If you save some money and buy low-quality fuel, the mower’s fuel pump, carburetor, and engine will damage. Lastly, remove the debris from the fuel lines properly after some days to keep the fuel flow from the fuel pump to the engine without any stoppage.

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