Input signal not found hp monitor

Input Signal Not Found HP Monitor. If there aren’t any input signals on the HP monitor, then you need to remove the VGA cable and plug it back in. Make sure the VGA cable is attached firmly, as no signal input on a monitor screen appears because of a loose VGA cable.

I placed my PC in another room and took everything off. I had to plug all the wires, set the connections of the PC, and get it powered. I did plug all the PC cables and the monitor cables of my HP monitor, but when I turned my PC on, it gave the option of no signal input.

I decided to restart the whole computer, but it didn’t work. I then checked for no signal input issues and found the solution.

Input Signal Not Found HP MonitorInput Signal Not Found hp Monitor 2022

Having to deal with technical issues with HP monitors can be annoying. The input signal may not reach the monitor because of some reason.

Setting the HP monitor to fix the signal input issue isn’t difficult. YOu just need to remove all power sources from the HP monitor and turn off the PC by holding the power button.

As you reconnect all the cables, including the VGA cable and the power cable, then you can fix the signal input of the monitor. The loose VGA cable from the PC or the cable being loose from the Monitor itself usually causes the signal input issue. Read the steps.

Powering down

Powering down the Hp monitor and the PC is the first step in regaining the input signals. Start by turning off the computer. By computer, powering off here means to shut down the computer by pressing the power button for 10 seconds.

Power the monitor off too. It’s better to power off the outlet to which the monitor and the PC are connected.


As you have powered the PC and the monitor down. You can now unplug the wires in the outlet. The power cables of both the PC and the Monitor should be disconnected.

Now the wires connecting the PC and the monitor should be disconnected. The cable you need to disconnect from the PC and Monitor is the VGA cable.

The VGA cable carries the signal from the PC and then transports the system unit signal to the HP or any other monitor. Remove the screws of the VGA cable and take it off. The same is on both monitor and PC.


As you are done with removing the VGA cable and all the other cables, you can come to the re-plugging step. Start by reattaching the VGA cable. Then all the power cables should be reattached.Replugging

Now power the monitor ad the PC. If the system unit turns on the monitor as well, but if the monitor doesn’t take any signals this time either, then tighten the VGA cable because it can be loose or connected improperly.

Try looking at the monitor again. If the no signal input option remains, there is probably a problem with the cable or the VGA port of the system unit or the monitor.

Replacing the VGA

If no signals appear on your monitor and reattaching the VGA cable didn’t work, nor did the tightening of the VGA cable work, then the possibility is that the VGA cable of your computer is faulty.

Get a new VGA cable from the shop. Just plug in the new VGA cable instead of the old VGA cable and start the monitor and the PC. If the VGA cable is faulty, then the new one will bring the monitor output.

Sometimes the VGA cable is attached to the HP monitor and isn’t removable, so you can’t replace it. Move to the monitor replacing step if you have it.

Replacing the monitor

Check the HP monitor if the VGA cable is fine and still has no signal. Sometimes the VGA cable isn’t the reason, or it is the reason.

In any case, replace the HP monitor with another monitor to check if the problem is with the monitor. If the signal comes with another monitor, fix the old one and put it back on.

The last word

Having to face monitor issues in HP isn’t optimistic. If your HP isn’t giving you any output signal, try reattaching the signal cable. If the cable isn’t giving the signal, replace it.

If the monitor itself is not giving an output signal, get it fixed. Sometimes PC’s VGA port has a signal issue; get the system unit port fixed. Thanks for reading.

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