How to use electric rice cooker

How to use electric rice cooker. Rice cookers make the rice cooking job very convenient and are the best kitchen gadget. Those who are rice lovers must get a good electric rice cooker.

Electric rice cooker is the best choice for cooking rice in a faster and quicker manner. Once you bought a rice cooker the next step is how to use and cook rice in the electric rice cooker.

You must be familiar with how to use an electric rice cooker. For an electric rice cooker, you must have a rice rinsing bowl to easily rinse rice and knowledge of the ratio of rice to water. We will discuss in detail how to use an electric rice cooker.

How to use electric rice cookerHow to use electric rice cooker 2022

A traditional rice cooker comes up with three main parts. The body of the rice cooker is also called a pot, an inner pot or bowl, and a heating element known as a thermostat.  The primary work of the thermostat is heating the rice and water for up to boiling point 100 degrees. Once the oiling point reaches and water is absorbed, it will automatically switch off.

Let’s discuss step by step approach to cooking rice in the electric rice cooker.

Step by step approach to cook rice in Electric rice cooker

Rinsing the rice

To cook rice in an electric rice cooker, rinse the rice properly. For rinsing rice take a bowl and rinse the rice properly, run water through rice until the dirt and everything unwanted gets cleaned. Repeat the process by removing and adding fresh water.

Adding rice to electric rice cooker pot (rice measuring)

Once rinse rice is finished successfully, measure rice with a rice measuring cup and add to your electric rice cooker pot.

Here is one more thing you need to know, check if your rice cooker has a removable inner port or the fixed one. Add rice to the pot without removing the bowl. Let’s move to the next step.

Adding water equal to the price ratio

To add water, you must know the rice to water ratio that is 1:1, which means one cup of water for one cup of rice. You should also be familiar with the capacity of your rice cooker and add rice and water.

Soaking the rice for better results

For quicker and better results, you need to soak rice, the time for soaking is 30 minutes.

Adding ingredients (flavor as per your need)

Flavors you can add as per your taste and need, like adding salt, butter, or oil and other tastemakers as you would love to have in your rice dish.

Turn on your electric rice cooker

After adding rice, water and ingredients, close the lid and plug the switch of the electric rice cooker. Select the desired setting from the control panel and wait for the time required to cook rice.

Caution: don’t open the lid immediately

when the cooker is making rice, avoid opening the electric rice cooker’s lid, hot steam is used to cook rice. If you open suddenly, you may get some serious burns. Rice will be cooked in the given time that you set.

The rest period of rice cookers

some rice cookers come with the additional option of a reset period. Allow your rice to rest in the rice cooker 10 minutes after cooking as it avoids rice sticking. You can enjoy your delicious rice with dinner or at lunchtime.


How much water to use in the rice cooker?

Firstly, you need to check the capacity of your rice cooker. After checking the capacity of the rice cooker, the commonly used ratio of water-to-rice is 1:1, which works well with common rice types.

But for brown rice, it is recommended that 2.5 cups of water for every 1 cup of water. The best practice to use a rice cooker is to check the instructions of rice manufactures, use water to rice ration as guided by the rice manufactures.

How long does a rice cooker take?

The time taken by a rice cooker for cooking rice depends on rice cookers type and power. Rice cooking time depends on the type of rice and water you added for cooking rice. It takes 25 to 35 minutes typically to cook rice.

How to use a rice cooker as a steamer

If you want to use your rice cooker for steaming purposes, you can do it.  Add water to your rice cooker and put the desired item in a steaming tray.

Switch on your rice cooker, the added water starts boiling, it will behave as a steamer. You can also stream while cooking rice by putting the steaming tray above the rice in the rice cooker.

Rice to water ratio pressure cooker

The pressure cooker works on the principle of building enough pressure and steam to cook rice effectively.  You should add enough water to get the desired pressure level.  Usually, it is a 1:1 ratio but add one extra cup for better results.

How to cook rice in a rice cooker without sticking

To avoid rice sticking, rinse rice carefully under running water. Make sure that you rinse rice, and excess starch washed away.

Once rice cooking is done, don’t open the lid at least for 10 minutes which is called the rest period. By following this method, you will get sticking-free rice ready to serve.

How does an electric rice cooker work?

The electronic rice cookers have a temperature-sensing feature, they boil water up to a boiling point and create pressure.

The rice absorbs water and steam, the temperature sensor senses temperature, and after a specific temperature range reaches it turns on automatic warm function.

You need to wait for rest time and rice is ready to serve. The important thing you must know is that read the instructions and manual that comes with the rice cooker.

How to use a rice cooker Oster

Cooking rice in an Oster rice cooker is easy and convenient, you can cook rice with the following steps.

  1. Rinse rice under running water to wash away the starch.
  2. Measure rice and soak
  3. Add proper quantity of water using water to rice ratio.
  4. Check the inner pot and add rice to the cooking pot.
  5. Close the lid properly and turn on the Oster cooker
  6. Select desired setting

Let the rice for the rest period

How to use electric rice cooker

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