Instant pot lid wont open

Instant pot lid wont open. An instant pot has a lid that looks like a door and this is the same as the refrigerator door. The instant pots are used for the cooking of the food in it, food cooked with heat, pressure, and steam and these all things are possible.

When the lid of the instant pot is closed and if it is opened it does not keep the steam in it and if the steam does not keep in it then the food is not cooked and this is very bad for you and your food also.

Here the problem is with the instant pot lid, the lid is closed and this won’t going to open this is the cause of the problem for you when your food is in the pot this gets burned when the lid is stuck.

Instant pot lid wont open

There is the problem from which you are suffering is the instant pot lid does not open, this lid closed and there is no entrance or exit of anything that you want to put or get it out. There are some reasons and some solutions are given as:

  • Too much pressure

There is too much pressure is in the pot that does not allows the lid to open. When there is pressure in a considerable quantity is present then there is a thing you may know when the temperature or the pressure is too much and the place where the pressure is kept is small then it may attract the door or the lid of the pot to come to it.

Then this does not allow the lid to open. This is a common thing that you may see in your daily life the pressure does not allow the door of the thing to open.


The solution to the problem is you have to release the pressure, the pressure you release is very good for the door and also the pot because when the pressure gets escaped then the food in it also remains good and when pressure escaped out.

Then the lid may also be opened by pulling it in the way from where it goes to open. If it still not opening then you should wait for a pulse of time as the pressure reaches the stage where it allows the lid to open.

  • The button is stuck

When the lid gets stuck in the pot then you need to open that lid and there is maybe the cause of the problem is the button that you use for opening the lid is get stuck and it is pressed once and then stuck in the place where you have pressed it for the opening of the door.

When this button got stuck then this takes a while to come back to its place and also the time is required for the lid to open.

Solution 1

The solution to this problem is that you should hold and press that button and there is a big chance for it to pop out back.

And after some effort, it may pop out and now the problem remains that you have to open the lid that is closed and stuck. When the button comes back to the previous position then you have to press and hold it to open the lid.

Solution 2

There is another solution also for the same problem is that you have to pull the lid in the direction of opening and after pressing or while pressing the button the lid may be open if it does not get open then you have to take the material that is like the pin, knife or the other material that has the same shape which you use to force the lid to get unstuck and opens.

Remind one thing that is very necessary for the lid to open is that there is the presence of electricity is a must, without electricity, the lid won’t open.

  • The problem is with the components

The problem is with the components of the instant pot. These types of problems occur when the components of the pot are used for a long time and these may be get loose or they are not able to work properly as they are old and they may be getting worse and not work properly,


The solution to this problem is that you have to check the components of the pot and if they are at the stage where it gives the problem and is the common thing for it then you have to check it to the professional that is good from your area and you should replace that the components that are the cause of the problem and if they are carrying large expenses then you have to replace the instant pot.

How to open stuck instant pot lid

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