Rice cooker with stainless steel insert

Rice cooker with stainless steel insert. The rice cookers with inner coating pose a serious threat to our body as it makes meal toxic. The reason is that some materials for heating produce toxic elements.

There is a need for a stainless-steel cooker that protects our food from toxicity and keeps the meal healthy.

Stainless steel material has poor heat conduction as compared to others, so pressure cooking is easy. Stainless steel rice cookers give fluffy and delicious rice dishes and keep them warm for a long time.

8 Rice cooker with stainless steel insert

1. Zojirushi NHS-10 6-Cup Best stainless steel rice cookersRice cooker with stainless steel insert

Zojirushi rice cooker stainless steel insert has been a good service for more than 100 years and has delivered reliable appliances in the market.

Zojirushi NHS-10 6-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker is an example of a perfectly cooked rice and warmer with a single switch to turn on.

Add this appliance to your kitchen list and enjoy cooking from carrots to cabbage and everything you can.

The inner bowl is made of pure stainless steel and is easy to clean. It is capable of cooking up to 6 cups of uncooked rice. It has an auto warmer function that turns off after cooking is done and keeps your food warm.

The glass lid helps to view and monitor the cooking process. Has cooling handles so no more worries about hand burns. It comes up with stainless steel steaming try for steaming food. it has a dimension of about 8.5 x 10.5 x 8.5 inches and a power of 500 watts.


  • Very durable and is easy to clean
  • Good quality material (stainless steel)
  • Convenient to use (single switch)
  • Cooking and keep warm function
  • Steaming tray and spatula, measuring cup


  • Some customers reported against liquid spray. And a little bit expensive

2. Cuckoo Multi Pressure Best rice cooker with stainless steel inner potRice cooker with stainless steel

Cuckoo is a Korean brand has been successful for 4-decades by serving good quality appliances.  The multipurpose pressure cooker can replace many of your kitchen appliances and declutters your kitchen look.

Cuckoo CMC-ASB501F features 18+ cooking settings/options to add versatility to your kitchen. Cuckoo is one of the best options for browning fry and white rice.

The CMC-ASB501F multipurpose cooker comes with a 2PLY clad inner pot. The inner pot is made of a combination of stainless steel and aluminum to avoid toxic elements.

It has an automatic steam release option and a water drainage system to protect from bacteria and odor. It has a built-in feature to collect excess water vapors to preserve the original taste of the dishes.


  • Unique design
  • More than 18 cooking manuals/ settings
  • Good for brown rice fry and different rice dishes
  • 8 in 1 kitchen appliance features
  • Stainless steel and aluminum made a detachable inner pot
  • Anti-odor and heat sterilization
  • Excess vapor collector and water drain system


  • Expensive and not ideal for people with a low budget

3. GoWISE USA GW22620 best stainless steel rice cookerbest stainless steel rice cooker

Best electric pressure cooker. the GoWISE USA GW22620 4rth-generation cooker is faster and more ideal cooker than stovetop cooking as it comes with 12 cooking programs.

This rice cooker has eliminated the need for nine different appliances so you can have more kitchen space. A sensitive and digital control panel makes it easier to use.

Now you can enjoy easier cooking with a GoWise built-in delay timer of up to 24 hours. Its stainless-steel inner bowl is easy to clean.

The detachable lid adds more strong recommendations to buy this unique style cooker.

The main cooking programs offered are as follows rice, Multigrain, Soup, Multi grain cooker, porridge, yogurt, slow cook bean/chili, poultry, steam, egg maker, and sauté.


  • Stainless steel made an inner bowl
  • Offers rice measuring cup, spatula, stainless steel basket, and rack
  • The digital control panel is convenient to use
  • Cleaning the parts is easy
  • Silver color beautiful design
  • Has cool touch external parts
  • Provides 24 hours delay option


  • The flimsy Cord is not detachable

4. Aroma Housewares Select Stainless best small rice cookerbest small rice cooker

Aroma houseware 6 cups cooked (3 cups uncooked) Best Rice cooker with stainless steel insert and warmer allows you easy home cooking and taste of restaurant delicious food.

This rice cooker has a coating-free stainless steel inner part which gives you a healthy cooking experience. The compact cooker is the most needed kitchen tool for a small family.

Aroma has made cooking on touch and is very convenient to use. The automated cooking method made the cooking life easier, so you don’t need to set a timer.

It senses when rice is cooked and automatically turned on the warmer option. it is batter functionality than Tatung rice cooker.


  • Best for small family use
  • easy to clean and use
  • dishwasher safe parts
  • automatic cooking feature
  • cooking with a one-touch


  • Some users complaint about water spillage
  • It’s analog

5. Hamilton best small rice cooker redditbest small rice cooker reddit

Cooking has never been so easier as with Hamilton Beach’s digital rice cooker on a single touch. Its pre-programmed settings allow you to cook rice and other dishes with minimal effort.

It is the best gift/choice for digital device lovers.  It’s not only meant for cooking rice, but you can also enjoy preparing a variety of delicious dishes at home.

It has a 2 to 8 cup rice capacity and is very versatile in functioning. It has 8.25*9.74*9.88 dimensions respectively and can be placed anywhere in the kitchen.

It has a plastic lid, and the inner is made of stainless steel cooking pot. Hamilton beach included a 2 in 1 rice rinse and steam basket. It weighs around 4 pounds and is easy to carry.


  • It has a rice rinser and steam basket too
  • 8-cup cooking capacity
  • Perfect choice for a one-pot meal
  • Digital control panel and display
  • Cool touch ensures safety
  • Programmable kitchen appliance


  • Limited cooking options

6. Tayama Stainless Steel best rice cooker under 100best rice cooker under 100

Tamaya stainless steel best rice cooker comes with 10 cups of uncooked rice capacity and fulfills the needs of a big family.

It has a good elegant round-shaped design with black color adding more beauty to its look.

It gives both options after cooking it keeps food warm and preserves taste. The lock-tight pressure lid and heater plate deliver efficient cooking.

Tayama black TRSC-10R cooker has a removable stainless rice cooking bowl that is easy to clean.

The cool touch outer part and detachable cord make it safe to use. If we talk about the outer part it is better than aroma as it has stainless steel outer.


  • Very convenient to use
  • Durable and versatile rice cooker and warmer
  • Automatic no programming
  • Removable stainless steel inner bowl
  • Cool touch and very safe to use


  • Expensive and limited cooking options

7. OYAMA Stainless 16-Cup best rice cooker under $50best rice cooker under $50

OYAMA stainless steek rice cooker has the capacity of cooking 8-cup uncooked rice and 16-cup cooked rice.

The ideal rice cooker because it has stainless steel nonstick inner part/bowl that prevents toxic elements.

The single touch switch makes this cooker very convenient to use, enjoy easy cooking with the touch of a button.

Its stainless-steel steamer gives you the option of steaming vegetables and other things along with cooking rice at the same time.

Another extraordinary feature is its tempered glass lid that allows you to monitor food during cooking.

It has a quick-cooking ability and cooks steamy rice in 20 minutes. It has a good cooking power of 500watts and takes voltage 120v/60hz.


  • White color beautiful design
  • It has a great capacity of 8-cup uncooked rice
  • Easy to use press a single switch
  • Tempered glass lid and stainless-steel bowl
  • The package includes a rice measuring cup
  • Very nice rice paddle


  • Non-programable
  • Limited cooking option

8. COMFEE’ 5.2Qt Asian Style best budget rice cookerbest budget rice cooker

The COMFEE’ 5.2Qt is an all-in-1 Asian style multifunctional rice cooker with the facility to program settings as your needs.

It has a greater ability to cook delicious dishes from cooking fluffy rice to making yogurt and steaming vegetables everything is possible.

It comes up with 17 different cooking programs and meal planning for 24 hrs. delay timing settings. Its unique design has an intelligent system to preserve steam for making fluffy rice.

It offers 10 cup-ultra capacity to cook rice from 10 to 20 cups of cooked rice. The parts are very easy to clean. It has a digital LED display which makes cooking with a simple touch of a finger.

It operates at normal pressure with power and has cool touch means it’s very safe to use. it offers a cooking capacity of up to 6 quarts.


  • User-friendly design and LED display
  • Digital control and 17 cooking programs
  • Versatile and durable material
  • Stainless steel inner part
  • Fulfills safety measures
  • rice measuring cup, steamer tray, rice paddle, ladle, all components are dishwasher safe


  • It only keeps warm up .to 12 hours


How does a rice cooker work?

The rice cooker consists of an inner cooking bowl, thermometer, and heating element. Put rice and water and turn it on.

The heating element increases water temperature to its boiling point. When water is absorbed, it works using the steam method and after cooking is finished cooker keeps food warm.

What is the best rice cooker?

Zojirushi NHS-10 is the best rice cooker made of quality material and delivers good service. It has stainless steel rice cooking bowl to make your meal toxic-free.

It offers a 6-cup uncooked rice capacity so you can serve more delicious and fluffy rice to your family.

Which small rice cooker has stainless steel insert?

Aroma 3-cup uncooked rice cooker is the best small/ compact rice cooker with a food warmer option. It has a non-coated stainless steel inner bowl.

The food warming option keeps rice and meal warm after cooking. Its compact size makes it a more suitable kitchen tool for a small family. It is a more durable and versatile kitchen appliance.

Can you heat food in a rice cooker?

The answer is yes. The rice cookers help you to heat leftovers in a very amazing way. When you try to heat your food with a stainless rice cooker add some water so that you can get good results.

Is rice cooker good for health?

rice cookers are good for health and they make cooking easy rather than manual cooking. The nonstick stainless steel-made slow cooker are the perfect choice as they protect from toxic things as compared with cookers having coated inner.

Best Rice cooker with stainless steel insert

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