How to reset a sub zero refrigerator

How to reset a sub zero refrigerator. To reset a Sub-Zero refrigerator, turn the knob off on the control panel or turn it to zero. Then turn the refrigerator unit off for half a minute and power it again. The Sub Zero fridge will reset.

My fridge wasn’t cooling the way I wanted the fridge to cool. I didn’t want to blow up my fridge or cause any unrepairable damage. I called Sub-Zero customer care to help with my fridge problem.

The friendly staff of Sub-Zero told me the problem, and he mentioned the problem is present in the fridge’s guide. I read it and I reset my fridge easily.

Though the page scrolling of a guide isn’t fun. I created this. This article saves you from scrolling the guide. So keep reading!.

How to reset a sub zero refrigerator

How to reset a sub zero refrigerator

The temperature of the fridge can be set too high such that the fridge isn’t cooling well. The food supposed to chill in the fridge goes bad because of the wrong fridge temperature.

At the wrong temperature in the Sub-Zero refrigerator, the solution is to reset the temperature and make it suitable for food in it.

If you want to reset a Sub-Zero refrigerator. The steps include powering the fridge off. So power off the fridge at the control panel. To power off, turn the knob of the fridge and take it to zero or off point.

Cut power to the fridge from the circuit breaker for at least 30 seconds. Turn it on with breakers again and test the cooling of the fridge.

Different parts in Sub-Zero have distinguished reset methods. Let’s see common reset part methods.

General reset

Let’s see the general rest of Sub-Zero first. General Sub-Zero reset isn’t hard. Just check the control panel knob. The knob sets all the fridge things.

Turn the knob off. Turn the knob to zero or 0, there may be off written on it. After the knob is set to zero or to off, Turn the breakers off of the fridge too. No power to Sub-Zero will completely shut it down.

Don does not turn it on before 30 sec at minimum. I’d suggest waiting for a minute, so the capacitor of the fridge is also discharged. Set a timer.

After one minute or 30 seconds, by your choice have passed, power the fridge. Turn the breakers. The fridge cools better now. Test the fridge, the fridge cooling system has been reset.

Condenser reset

Condenser reset

Condenser cleaning is what we mean by resetting the vacuum condenser. Look for grease and other material that may clog the condenser. Thoroughly clean the condenser.

The condenser won’t function with the clogging. Then press the power button for half a minute. Do not release before 30 seconds or more. Wait for power off. Just pull the plug from the socket for 15 minutes for a faster reset.

Plug it back. Press the power button again to turn it on. Now let the unit chill. While it’s cooling, take the old filter of the fridge out. Now put another filter in its place. Start the fridge again and check the cooling of the fridge.

Alarm reset

Pres and hold the power off button on Sub-Zero until the fridge powers off. Then repress the power button until the Alarm off is not displayed on the display panel.

Then press the button again to give it power and wait for the Alarm On option to show on the display.

Until the alarm shows, you cannot release the button. You can set the alarm of your choice through the panel. It will reset fast. Test the alarm by setting it early and later changing it.

Service light reset

Resetting the service light on a Sub-Zero is the easiest rest of all functions. There isn’t any explanation. Just press the power button of the Sub-Zero refrigerator.

Hold it for 30 seconds. The service light will turn on. Hold a few more seconds if the service light doesn’t turn on.


The rest of all parts are different. Though reset isn’t required for some problems. There can be cleaning and clogging problems. The clogging problems aren’t solved by resetting.

Though the general reset methods for commonly reset parts are written above. You can read the guide if the article isn’t too explaining.

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