How to tell if washer suspension rods are bad

How to tell if washer suspension rods are bad. Bad rods are one of the major reasons your machine is shaking while washing clothes or running a wash cycle.

The machine is trembling or shaking it can be because of damaged washer rods. Turn on the cycle and check if the machine is shaking, bad washer rods cause the shaking while running a cycle.

Bad washer rods need to be replaced for better washing results. If not taken seriously it could result in damaging other parts one by one.

So better advice is to inspect the rods and change if required. You can do it at home, by accessing and opening the panel you can inspect and replace rods.

How to tell if washer suspension rods are badwasher suspension rods are bad

Checking the rods

Suspension rods are located inside of the cabinet and under the drum. Physically inspecting the suspension rods helps in identifying, whether they are causing the vibration or it’s because of other issues.

Try to look for any damage or wear and tear of the rods, if yes replacement is the only option.

Rods are not the only reason that machine is shaking and vibrating. Sometimes there are other problems like a broken shock absorber.

Keep in mind that running the machine while there is a problem can cause further damages.

Replacing the suspension rods

The basic job of the suspension rods is to cushion the internal drum during spin cycles. Suspension rods are mostly used in terms of sets like most of the washers use 4-sets.

Move the washer

When you decided to replace the washer suspension rods, make enough room by moving the washer aside from the wall.

As suspension rods are located inside and to remove them you may need enough space, and help from friends in case the machine is heavy.

Unplug the machine

This step is very important and curial as you will be working with the internal parts so the presence of an electric current is dangerous and can be life-taking. Unplug the wire from the socket before attempting to touch any of the interiors.

Detach and remove the front panel

The front panel needs to be detached by unscrewing all screws with a is located at the bottom front of the washing machine panel. While opening the panel be careful machine is balanced, otherwise, there might be a danger of getting injured.

Remove the panel by pulling it out and lifting it carefully. This will help in the easier removal of the panel from the assembly. Avoid pulling hard, it will break or damage the panel.

Release the tension and remove rods

After removing the panel, you can see the rods, check for the broken rod and lift the internal tub. After lifting the internal tub, the tension on the broken rod will be removed, use your free hand and pull the bottom assembly from U-shaped connections.

Now the rod is free and lifts it upward, it will detach the securing cup of the assembly rod. Remove the rod gently.

Insert and connect the new Rod

After removing the damaged rod insert the new one. while inserting the new rod securely hold the rod so that the assembly sits above the opening. After putting the securing cup back into the opening to surround the length of the rod.

use your free hand and hold the washer’s internal tub from the bottom. Now slide the bottom assembly of the rod into the U-shaped connection point and release the tub slowly.

The idea is the new rod should work with the other rods to hold the tub in place. After ensuring the rods are secure put the panels back in the front and top and put the screws. After fixing everything turn on the machine and check the rods are spinning normally.

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