How to soften grout for removal

How to soften grout for removal. Once you have decided to give your bathroom a new look, it demands upgrading some components.

Removing the old grout is of much importance once it starts getting rough. For removing the old grout, you need to make it soft. There are some easy methods to soften grout.

You can apply a heat source to soften the grout, but in the case of plastic tiles, you need to be careful. A hairdryer is another important tool for softening the grout. Some home remedies, like vinegar and lemon when mixed up with water, turn very handy to soften the grout.

How to soften grout for removalsoften grout for removal

Here are some useful ways of softening grout for removal

  • Apply heat( heat dun or hairdryer)
  • Vinegar with warm water
  • Lemon with warm water
  • Brick cleaner

Softening grout with heat

Applying Heat is one of the common methods to soften the grout for removal. Heat guns and hair dryers can be used as sources of heat.  Take your heat gun and set it to the recommended temperature of around 300 Fahrenheit.

Take the heat gun at a distance of 6 to 8 to avoid any damage to tiles. Keep the heat tool for softening the grout. The aim of the applying heat source should be between the tiles, rather than focusing on the tile. Keep the heat source until you see grout starts to peel from the edges.

Peel of the grout

The second step is peeling the grout after softening with heat. Take a decent grout removal tool, and use it carefully to avoid any damage to tiles.

The best practice is to start peeling off the grout slowly from a corner or edge, once you remove grout from the edge it will make the rest of the job easy.

Note keep the heat source at a distance of at least 6 inches to provide sufficient heat while peeling off the grout.

There are other commonly used alternative methods like vinegar, brick cleaner, and other home remedies. Chemicals like vinegar and brick cleaner demand extra personal protective care.

Vinegar to remove the groutVinegar to remove the grout

Vinegar is an acid that has a strong ability to dissolve or soften the grout. But while applying vinegar, you must be careful, if vinegar is spread on tiles surfaces it should be washed with water to protect the texture of the tile. Use a scrapper to guide the vinegar towards the base of the grout.

Brick cleaner

The brick cleaner is another good agent for softening and removing the grout from tiles. It is acid-based and requires precautions while using.

It has greater capabilities of softening and dissolving grout. Apply to the place where you want to remove grout. Take a brush and remove the grout. After removing grout, the recommended procedure is to wash the area before applying new grout.

Water and lemon

Take warm water and lemon solution, mix it and apply to the grout, wait for the solution to soak in. it will Definity help to soften the grout and you can easily remove it with some brush or removing tool.

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