How to siphon water with a hose uphill

How to siphon water with a hose uphill. If you do not have the facility of pumps and want to bring water with a hose uphill, then the best way is to siphon the water. You can bring water from one surface to another by siphoning the water. You can quickly move the water from one bucket to another or place to another.

You can transfer the water from a bucket or a pool with the help of pressure and gravity. In siphoned system, one end of the pipe is fully dipped in the bucket or tank, and the second end is placed where you want to transfer the water. The gravity and pressure can bring the water with the pipe uphill also without a pump.

One thing to remember is that if both buckets or water tanks are placed at an equal surface, then the water will not drive.

How to siphon water with a hose uphillsiphon water with a hose uphill

We usually use electric pumps to drive water from one place to other with a hose. But, it is also possible to siphon water with a hose uphill without pumps, and it is effortless to do it without anything.

In some places where there is no system of electric water pumps, people use a siphon system to drive the water from one place to another.

In this article, you will learn how to drain water with a single hose uphill.


  1. Two empty bucket
  2. Water
  3. Pipe or hose

Fill one bucket of water

First of all, take one bucket and fill it with fresh water. Always use fresh water if you want to transfer water with a siphon.

Keep in mind that the water will only transfer when the bucket frill with water is at a higher place and the empty bucket or container is at a lower surface.

Use a hoseUse a hose

Now, after filling the one bucket of water, put the pipe into that bucket that is full of water. Dip the whole pipe in the water.

When you put the water into the bucket, bubbles will start to appear from one side of the hos due to the air in it.

It would be best if you waited till all the air escaped from the pipe because the bubbles will not appear when no air remains in the hose. It means now the pipe is full of water.

Put your thumb on the hose end

Put your thumb on one end of the hose before pulling the pipe from the water bucket. The water in the pipe will no longer be flowing.

Transfer the hose

Now, slowly transfer the hose into the empty container. Remember, you will transfer that end of the hose on which the thumb is placed.

Free the thumb

After bringing the thumb end into the empty container, free the pipe and pick your thumb from the pipe. You will amazingly see that the water is slowly transferring from the filled bucket to the empty bucket. It is all happening because of the gravity of the earth and the pressure.

Use your mouth

You can also use your mouth to transfer the water from one container to another. In this technique, you must create all the pressure with your mouth. Place one end of the hose into the water container.

Then put your lips on the other end of the pipe and carefully start to suck water from the pipe. You will have to be very careful because if you suck with more pressure, the water can go into your throat.

When you see that the water comes to the other end of the pipe, then put a thumb-on end immediately and place it into the empty container. The water will start to drive from one bucket to the empty bucket.


The final words in this article are that if you have no pump system and want to transfer the water uphill, then you can do it with the Siphon way. You can easily do it with just a single hose. It all happens just because of the pressure and the gravity of the earth. The gravity pulls the water from one bucket to another.

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