How to reset tankless water heater

How to reset tankless water heater. A tankless water heater is an affordable appliance that works on demand. The tankless water heater saves you maintenance costs.

It doesn’t store hot water but provides you warm water when the user opens the faucet or null. The tankless water heater may get faulty or have some issues, and it will stop working.

Fixing the problem of a faulty tankless water heater is an easy job you can reset your tankless water heater.

It displays the error codes, and you can fix the problem by resetting it to a normal position. Check, if there is a problem with the gasket, you need to fix it first.

How to reset tankless water heaterreset tankless water heater

How to reset your tankless water heater, you need to turn it off and unplug the tankless water heater. Next thing is to identify the place of the reset button, remove the screws and plate that covers the reset button. Remove the insulation pad and press the red button labeled as the reset button. Once you hear the click sound release the button and reassemble everything back.

Follow the steps below to precisely reset your tankless water heater.

Unplug your water heater

It’s important to switch off and unplug your water heater Before you start the procedure of resetting the water heater.

Because, if you play with the water heater when it’s connected to the electric switch, there are great chances of electrical hazards.

The heater has different designs and techniques some are connected by cable with knob and some have direct access to the socket. Determine your heater structure and break the power connection.

Remove the cover that protects the reset buttonRemove the cover that protects the reset button

After disconnecting the power supply, you need to find the area where the reset button exists.

The “Reset” button is near the bottom of the heater, take the screwdriver and remove the screw, then lift and remove the plate with your hands.

Double-check if there is a second plate/ cover, remove the plate to uncover the reset button.

Remove the insulation-Pad

After removing the covers, you will find an insulation pad that covers the reset button. Take out the insulation pad, it’s a foam pad and can be easily removed.

Inspect the pad, if it is wet or has moisture, there will be a gasket leakage. First, you have to fix the leaking gasket first, then proceed to reset the heater.

Press the reset buttonPress the reset button

The reset button is a red color button that sometimes has a reset label. Press the button firmly with your fingers, otherwise, it can be tricky.

Press the button inward and hold the force on it. Upon pressing the reset button after a few seconds, you will get a click sound, that indicates the heater is reset.

If there is no click sound or the button pop out, it means there is a fault with the wiring or the controller.

Check all wires one by one and lose wire nets. If wires are good, the controller may be faulty you need to replace it.

Some heaters don’t produce a click sound, so press the button and release if there is no sound and the button is pressed inward. Now fix everything back, its status changed to reset.

Reassemble everything back

Finally, after finishing the reset job, it’s time to reassemble everything back. Firstly, put back the insulation pad, and then the plates.

Tight screws to their position to firmly protect the reset button. Now, plug your water heater into the socket and turn it on, to confirm its reset.


A tankless water heater reduces the cost and energy used to maintain the traditional water heaters. If your tankless water heater has some issues, you can reset the water heater.

It’s easy to maintain the tankless water heater because it shows the error codes if there is an issue. But issues like wiring or gasket problem need to be fixed as a priority before you try to reset the water heater.

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