How To Remove Levolor Blinds

How To Remove Levolor Blinds. The removal of Levolor blinds requires them to be opened. Then place the hands in such a way that headrails can be pushed towards the window. Now turn the back of the blind by putting it in a bending position. The blinds won’t stick and come out.

Levolor blinds get dirty with time and this happened to my blinds. My blinds were dirty because I wasn’t home for a few months. Cleaning blinds require their removal.

You can clean the blinds when they are fixed. So take them out. I know how to take them out as I have experience with them.

Read to learn!.

How To Remove Levolor BlindsRemove Levolor Blinds

If your blinds are filled with dust, fear not. You need to release them before cleaning starts. Blinds are for both protection and fashion. Start by pulling. The bottom rails and slats of the blinds both need pulling.

Use moderate pulling force with bottom rails and the same with slats. You are just removing salts for cleaning, so don’t break them. Gentle shaking will help in releasing them. Do the rocking side by side.

Pull the bottom rails upward, meaning toward the ceiling or the roof. US pressure of palms on the bottom rails but don’t break it. There are screws in the brackets, so remove them.

Look for hidden bracket screws because they aren’t in front. Now clean the blinds with a brush and remove stuck dust. Repair the blinds. Replace it if it’s not technical.

Identifying blinds

Levolor blinds have further types. You can’t release unknown blinds with no knowledge. The blinds can break. The blinds breaking isn’t something you want. So identify the blind type and then release it. Know the blind type. The most common Levolor blinds are spring-loaded.

The brackets that aren’t spring-loaded have distinct steps of removal. Look at the brackets and see if you see the spring. It’ll have instant pulling. Blinds with metal tabs are completely different.

Some have caps on them to hide the bracket edges. Headrails can easily be removed by just pulling so they are easy. We’ll discuss the removal of hidden bracket blinds.

Hidden brackets blinds

Spring-loaded brackets are the most common Levolor blinds. Mostly at homes, these are the types that are used. Some may have blind-mounting hardware, that makes them unique.

The blind-mounting hardware is in form of boxes that have one empty side. You can say, disclosed side. Removing blinds from windows comes first.

Slats adjustingSlats adjusting

Shift the slats and align the window cord and blinds before that. Check the rail position and both the slats.

The position matters as they can get stuck. Slats will help you resit with proper checking. Hidden brackets are simple to remove with no issue.

Gripping the blinds

Grasp any side of the blind and focus your body weight on the center. The Center point allows the weight to be equally transmitted and your grip gets better with even distribution of weight on all sides.

The height of blinds aids us. It’ll hang on the first attempt if the length is 30inch.

It’s better to get help and lift it from the other side. Put potent force with palms on the head rails. Use fingers and plans to support it. Put the fingers under it so the grip doesn’t get loose.

Releasing the bracket

Now push the blinds up with your fingers in a lifting position. The position should be toward the roof. Use palms to aid the fingers.

Constant pressure upwards will release the blinds from the headrails. Now the brackets are released completely.

Releasing blinds

Now you can take the blinds off the brackets. The blinds and the brackets are attached with screws. The blind screws can be hidden, so locate them first. Look through on the blind. Use a screwdriver. Just unscrew the blinds from the brackets and they are free.

Now clean the blinds with brushes and remove debris. The blinds can be broken. If blinds don’t have a technical issue like a broken spring, replace them. Technical blind problems can be solved.

The last word

The problem of blinds getting dirty and technical blind problems is annoying. Levolor blinds actually have a long life, but that’s with maintenance. Don’t expect Levolor to stick around for a decade when you are never maintaining it.

The dust destroyed the blinds gradually and the springs or other parts didn’t remain long. If you want to clean the curtains, then removing them is necessary. Follow the above steps.

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