How To Get Hair Dye Off Cabinets

How To Get Hair Dye Off Cabinets. Quickly wiping the hair dye accidentally put on the cabinet will take most of it off. All the hair dye may come off when wiped with a wet tissue. You can use nail polish remover if wet wipes didn’t clean the cabinet. Baking soda wipes the color too.

My son was dying his hair for the first time in the bathroom and he accidentally pulled the brush and used too much force, which caused the dye to get on the cabinet.

He told me and I said I’ll remove the color, don’t worry. I taught him various methods to clean the dye of the cabinets for the future.

Read to learn!.

How To Get Hair Dye Off Cabinets

Getting hair dye on cabinets while putting it on is not new. I have done that several times. Getting the dye off them is our focus. Removing color that accidentally got on it, be it black or pink, is easy.

You can use nail polish remover to remove and clean the cabinet. Baking soda is an alternative to nail polish remover if you like home remedies. Although using water to wipe is a classical technique.

Vinegar cooperates with baking soda and strengths its effects. Scrubbing afterward is wonderful. Clean magic eraser is a professional in removing such things.

You can get carbonated drinks and clean them while drinking. WD-40 may be helpful, but vinegar paste is better. Chemical removers remove paint and hair dye conveniently.

Warm water

Warm water is the first cleaning tool to remove the dye. Though warm water is effective with wipes only and it will mostly be effective if the dye is new. Old dyes won’t get cleaned with just warm water. Though removing with warm water seems easy and effective.

If the stain of hair dye is new, then water is a go. Just get a wipe or a sponge and wet it with warm water. Scrub the hair dye and it should come off. If it doesn’t come with a single scrub, try again. Use wet tissue to wipe the color off.

Nail polish

Here we aren’t using the nail polish but the opposite. We use nail polish remover. The essence of hair dye and nail polish are the same as they are both dying body parts.

The chemical formula contradicts a little. The Acetone works against the hair dye and removes the color completely.

Put some nail polish remover on the color and scrub it. Make a circular motion with the scrub. Don’t let the nail polish remover. Stay on the cabinet as the wood is damaged by acetone present in the polish remover. Now use water to clean the nail polish remover.

Baking sodaBaking soda

Baking soda will clean the cabinet surface and remove the dye like it wasn’t there. Baking soda isn’t just a food material.

It’s a secret agent for cleaning such stuff. From cleaning sinks and toilets to removing sugar stains on dishware and smoke on walls. Baking soda is perfect.

Just add water to baking soda and create a paste. Then paste the paste on the hair dye. The paste will take effect after you let baking soda stay on the hair dye stain for some time.

Use dishwashing soap or vinegar with baking soda. Lemon juice adds strength to baking soda and its paste is effective.


If baking soda isn’t available, then get vinegar. Vinegar is as effective as baking soda. In fact, if you have both vinegar and baking soda, then cleaning is a piece of cake.

Baking soda when combined with white vinegar becomes an indestructible cleaning agent. Vinegar is not bound by baking soda if you think.

Vinegar itself has enough ability to remove the dye. You just need to mix vinegar with water and pour it onto the cabinet. SCrub while pouring vinegar on the cabinet. Put water after and rinse it.

The water will remove vinegar and dye residue. You can use vinegar lemon juice and detergents instead of baking soda. Dish washing soap can be added to vinegar. Hydrogen peroxide is an option too.

Rubbing alcoholRubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is helpful in killing bugs and in the medical field is common, but its reputation as a cleaner is great.

It won’t just remove the hair dye, but also kill germs present on it. The rubbing alcohol damages the cabinet, so it’s least recommended.

The last word

A cleaning cabinet is good, as having dye stains on your bathroom cabinets can be no good to look at. Rubbing alcohol is the least recommended cleaner, and it doesn’t always work, but vinegar and baking soda won’t disappoint you.

You can use a magic eraser to clean or other chemicals. Just follow baking soda tricks and others to get it done.

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