How to remove cover from ceiling light

How to remove cover from ceiling light. A person always tends to update things in their living place. Sometimes, that change occurs to match the standards of today’s fashion or when a thing requires a replacement due to its weary or teary.

If you are looking for a way to remove the cover from the ceiling light, you must want an update, or maybe the older bulb or cover is taking its last breaths and requires a new replacement. It might be a cleaning purpose behind it.

So. there are different kinds of covers. Some use a screw for support, some don’t own screws, and a few use clips for holding themselves on the ceiling.

In the following article, you can remove any covers from the ceiling light, so go through the following article to unfasten a light cover from the ceiling.

A Guide For How to remove cover from ceiling light

If you own a light cover on the ceiling with screws, without screws, or have clips and looking for a way to remove it, then the following article will help you to go through the helpful steps.

It is not challenging; you can do what you want with a bit of elbow grease. So, let’s start the procedure practically without wasting any time.

Steps To Remove Light Cover Without a ScrewSteps To Remove Light Cover Without a Screw

A thing seems easier if it shows the way it is. So, if the light cover of the ceiling doesn’t have a screw or bolt, it might look difficult to remove the cover but trust me, it’s not. Here are the steps to detach a light cover with no screw.


So, detaching the light cover from the ceiling is not a task from standing on a floor. So, using a suitable ladder would be a better option.

But if you don’t have a ladder, look for a stool that can help you with a light cover approach on the ceiling.


If there is moisture on your hands or it’s oily, you may face difficulty spinning the light cover. So you may try the procedure with bare hands but wearing gloves is also a better choice.


Climb over the ladder or stool. All you need to remove the light cover having no screw is friction. It would be better if you unfastened it by spinning it counterclockwise. Ensure to grab the light cover with both hands. It would help if you made a firm grip so that your hands can’t get slipped from the c0ver.


If it’s not getting out or you suspect the light cover is tucked in its place as it was seated for a long time without moving, we can expect the following from the light cover.

To release the jam or unclog the accumulated debris, gently tap on the cover with your hands or use a shoe sole to release the cover.

Steps To Remove Light Cover With a ScrewSteps To Remove Light Cover With a Screw

So, if you suspect the light cover of your ceiling has a screw holding it in its place, you may act under the following guideline.


In the first step, you are required to use a few tools to accomplish the task. So the ceiling is a high place that can’t give a straightforward approach from the floor.

So you may use a ladder or a stool to approach the light cover on the ceiling. Ensure that you firmly place the ladder on the surface so it can’t move anywhere.


It would be better to use gloves to save your hands if your ceiling cover has debris or accumulated dirt.


So, if you are removing a light cover from the ceiling that contains a screw, then you just need a screwdriver according to the shape and size of the screw.

Before unfastening the screw directly, it would be better to place one hand on the light cover to save it from falling after loosening the mounting screw.


After placing the hand, you may start removing the screw. You may also need to check if your ceiling light cover has a washer if it’s not detached after removing the bolt. Determine if the cover has a washer and remove it from the cover.


After ensuring that the screw and the washer are not placed in their position, you may gently take off the cover. Don’t break the cover if it gets stuck in place. Slowly and smoothly, it will surely come off.

Steps To Remove Light Cover With Clips

Here is the third type of light cover mounting on the ceiling containing support clips. So, if you have that type of light cover, you may follow the steps given below.


If you are looking for authentic instruction to remove a light cover from the ceiling, then you need a compatible size of ladder or tool to access the cover.


Wearing gloves would be a better option for additional protection of your hands while tackling with the light cover mounting clips.


Remember not to unfold the clips without holding the cover with your hand in the following step. It will help you to prevent the cover from falling from an OK height and breaking.


So, holding the cover with one hand, use your second hand to release the clips. Figure out the clips that can be pulled out. Loose the mounting clips to open the way to remove the cover.


Now the last step you need to do is gently remove the light cover. Successfully unfolding the clips will able you to remove the light cover without any hurdles.

Bottom Line

The following instructions will help you eliminate a light cover from the ceiling appropriately—no matter which type of ceiling cover you have. The guideline covers all the removal procedures for light cover. While installing the same cover after cleaning or replacing the light or a new light cover, you may follow the steps and vice versa.

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