how To Program Garage Remote Without Learn Button

How To Program Garage Remote Without Learn Button. Remove the back of the remote. You’ll see there are small buttons present on it. Use a pencil to slide the button on something else that is pointy. There will be a DIP switch. If you are changing the remote, get the one with DIP switches.

I moved to a new house, and as a fan of cars, I went to the garage first. I thought of programming the remote. But to my sadness, the remote didn’t have a learn button.

I was used to programming my old garage with the learn button, so I didn’t know how to set it without it. I checked on google, but most information was irrelevant. I then asked the old owner, and the old owner helped me gleefully. I set my garage door and parked my car.

Read to learn!.

How To Program Garage Remote Without Learn ButtonProgram Garage Remote Without Learn Button

Using the garage door by programming it without the use of the learn button is easy. All remotes don’t even have to learn button.

Your learn button may not work or is stuck. You don’t need it to set the garage door the way you prefer. The garage door company may have different settings.

Identifying controller type comes first. Press the programming button. Then restore the default button. NOw set the new code.

Create a conscious switch. Don’t turn the sides up. Now return to the master switch and enter the remote control. Control and test the remote.


Identifying the controller comes first. It can be a remote controller that is portable and have a program button. But there can be a fixed controller.

The keypad can be on the wall or even on the car. First, check if the remote is fixed or portable. The controller with the program button is easy to set.

But if the control button isn’t present, then check for the model on the remote and the type of controller. The steps with remotes can be different.

Let’s see the universal programming method of the garage door. It can vary. Whatever the case, look at the remote and check different buttons.

Check if the remote has a light indicator and the arrangement of keys on it. Check the guidelines. Identifying requires the remote to be present. If it’s not with you, look for it and know that the remote is necessary for use.


Press the arrow keys and you’ll see the program button, so press them simultaneously. This will take at least 10 minutes.

The setting will erase all previously stored data, and the screen will be blank. It’s like a clean slate you can set. The keypad will be blank as well.

To continue, the code needs to be entered. The code is for default settings. The device code has been seen on the manual, or you can look it up by checking the model. The code is usually 357, and it’s the default for almost all models. Enter the code.

Adding new code

Now, after that, enter a new code. The code should be something you can remember, but it’s unique to others. Remember the code is for your garage safety, so pick it carefully. Don’t use random numbers without thinking. Forgetting the password will require a reset again.

Keep the distance of the car remote close so you can set it. The charter limit of code depends upon the brand and the model. Adding the upper case letter will make the code stronger, and the lower case will do the same after carefully selecting and inserting the press next.


After setting up the get and the remote, test the garage gate. Get in your car where the remote is present and press open. The door will open.

Check the remote’s batteries, so the door’s function isn’t slow. If the remote is old, you may have to press it several times. You can replace the garage door remote if it’s not working. As the door opens, the door testing is complete.


The testing of the door without the learn button is actually not possible in most models. Some models may be programmed without it, but that’s all for the company. If you want to reset the door without the learn button, you’ll need to contact the company or hire someone.

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