How to polish travertine floors

How to polish travertine floors. A travertine floor is a perfect option to fix on the indoor or outdoor floor to enhance the floor’s beauty. The other characteristic most people prefer is that it is available in various color combinations.

People also like it because of its long-lasting material. But, if your travertine floor looks dull and old, you need to hire a certified professional to polish it because you can polish your travertine floor by yourself, and it will look like a newly polished surface.

If you plan to polish your travertine floor, do it on the weekend because it will take time to complete the task. First, remove all room furniture so you can move around quickly.

Then clean the floor with a soapy solution. You can use baking soda or vinegar with hot water to make a solution because these ingredients quickly remove the stains from the floor. Now polish your travertine floor and readjust the furniture.

How to polish travertine floorspolish travertine floors

If you are planning to polish your dull travertine floor, don’t waste your money by hiring an expert to polish the floor. It is not difficult because you can do it alone or with family on weekends.

This informative article will help you know how to do it efficiently, so read all the points carefully. Let’s get started on our work.


You can not do it simply with your hands; you need some tools to complete this task.

  • Polish
  • Mop
  • Waterproof tape
  • Bucket
  • Vinegar solution
  • Shop vacuum
  • Floor stripper
  • Steam cleaner
  • Travertine filler compound

Remove the furnitureRemove the furniture

First, before you begin your work, remove all the furniture and extra things from the floor. You can not do your work with complete freedom if different things are placed randomly on the floor.

After removing all the furniture from the room, it’s time to clean the dust and debris from the floor.

Clean the travertine tiles

If you are polishing your floor after a long time, there will be a layer of debris that can not be clean easily. Take a travertine stripper and clean the debris from the tiles. You can use a new mop to clean the tiles.

Making a vinegar solution with hot water in a bucket is a better option. Now dip the clean mop in this solution and then apply this on the tiles till all the dust material is adequately cleaned.Clean the travertine tiles

You can also use a steam cleaner to wash all travertine tiles with a steam cleaner. Steam cleaner is used to finish the smut and mud from the floor.

Fill up the cracks

After cleaning all the dust and debris from the floor, it’s time to repair the damaged floor. If there are any cracks, then refill them with the filler compound. It is readily available in the market.

Ensure to use the same color of the filler compound that matches the travertine tiles. You can follow the material’s guidelines before starting the next step in work. The filler compound takes some time to dry out.

Tile polishing

You cant polish without the aid of a buffing machine. The buffing machine will help polish the travertine surface thoroughly. There are various pads for the machine so use the low-grit pad to control the machine.

The pad will remove the scratches and extra stains. It may even fill the small holes already present something on the surface by using it on the surface of the travertine floor.Tile polishing

The polishing range should be up to 8500. The more the machine is used, the more similar the floor look it will give, and all the cracks will be gone.

Use a posting powder to polish better. Use a buffer to spread the power after applying it. The more the sparkle, the better the surface will be.

Now that all the floor polishing is done, you need to clean the surface as there will be a chemical mess on the floor. Clean the mess and put the furniture back. Washing the floor will deal with everything. Set the furniture however you like.


The final words of this article are that the travertine tile floor is a good and reliable option to install, but if you want to keep the floor shining and bright, clean it properly after some days and polish the surface to remove its dull look.

All the procedure for polishing the travertine floor is mentioned in this article to help you quickly.

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