How To Pick Up Leaves With Lawn Mower

How To Pick Up Leaves With Lawn Mower. Passing the mower over the leave you want to pick while the bag is connected to the mower will pick the leaves up. You can use a mulch plug to pick the leaves too. The leaves get chopped with it and then sucked into the bag.

Having trees in your house is good until it’s autumn. In autumn, the leaves of my house fell because they shed and my house was filled with leaves, especially in my backyard where the tree was present. I cleaned the leaves, but more kept falling.

My neighbor saw and told me to use a mower if I didn’t have a special leaf picker. I asked my neighbor how and he told me the ways to use a mower to pick up the leaves and I picked all the leaves in the backyard successfully.

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How To Pick Up Leaves With Lawn MowerPick Up Leaves With Lawn Mower

Picking the leaves in autumn is endless. The leaves keep shedding and you keep picking the leaves up. The leaf picking with hands is annoying, but imagine not even having a blower to help you. Cruel but not having a blower is a problem.

The easier way without a blower to get the leaves is a lawn mower. The trick to picking the leaves is to use the lawn mower as using it to mow the grass.

Pass the mower on the leaves and the leaves will get shredded and get into the bag of the mower.

Riding mower

Using a different type of mower is actually a good idea. The simple mower will only do so much to pick the leaves and crush them, but a riding mower is much better than a simple mower and can do mowing very easily.Riding mower

The leaves will go to the riding mower’s storage and from the storage, you can throw them away. Having storage for the mower is much better than having to pick up the leafy mess later.

Just sit on the riding mower and start it. The riding mower will start and you can drive the riding mower on the leaves that you want to eliminate the riding mower will mulch them and the mulch pieces will go into the store if there are any.

Special storage

Special storage here means special bags that store extra things. The special bags of the mower here refer to the leaf bags of the mowers. The special bags store leaves when attached to the mower.

The bags aren’t available with all mowers, but only mowers that have compatibility with these bags can use them. They are optional in lawn mowers. The leaf bag is added to a side of the device.

The leaf bag can be at the back too. The leaf bags are simply attached to the mower, and the mower is used on the leaves except for the grass.

The mower works like normal, but as the mower passes on the leaves, the leaves are sucked into the leaf bags. You use the grass back or the leaf bag of your choice. Having a leaf bag is handy when autumn is passing through.


Mulching is a simple lawn mowing process, but instead of grass, mulching is done on the leaves. YOu just need to turn the lawn mower and move it on the leaves that you want to get rid of.

The lawn mower will mow these leaves, meaning the leaves will turn into small pieces of grinded grass. The grinded pieces of the leaves are thrown at the back of the mower.

The leaves after mulching are turned into so small pieces that they get decayed by microorganisms very soon. So you don’t need to pick the mulched leaves up from the ground.

The mulching process isn’t recommended for grassy places like the lawn. The lawn, because of grass and small leaves, will become a mess, and picking the messy leaves is even harder than picking the normal leaves. Think before you mulch the leaves. Keep on reading.

Collect leaves with a lawn mower

The last word

Picking the leaves with the help of a lawnmower is much better than gathering them manually and then disposing of them.

You can just mulch the leaves and wait for natural decay or you can use a leaf bag to catch the leaves and then throw the leaves with the bag. You can use a simple mower or a riding mower to do these things. Learn from the above.

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