How to make suction cups stick

How to make suction cups stick. Suction cups have a greater ability to hold items on smooth surfaces. Suction cups produce great bonding with smooth surfaces.

Suction cups are good to use in the bathroom, kitchen, and other places where other things won’t work.  The advantage of a suction cup over other magnets and glue is that the suction cup can easily stick on any slippery surface.

Theory sys suction cups offer a great way to adhere objects to others but in reality, they may fail over time. It happens, suction cup loses its place, and it cannot hold the objects to place. Suctions cup needs to be re-stick when they lose their suction.

How to make suction cups sticksuction cups stick

To make suction cups stick you need to identify or choose the smooth surface where you can stick the suction cup. Clean the surface and the inside of the suction cup, rinse the suction cup. Add some petroleum jelly in little quantity. Apply the suction cup to the smooth surface and then keep pressing. Remove the air packets for better suction and Keep rechecking after intervals of time.

Four easy steps to make the suction cup stick to the surface

Here are the four easy steps to make the suction cup stick to the desired surface for a long time.

Choose the perfect surface

The first step is a selection of perfect space for your suction cup to stick.  Pick a smooth surface of your where you want to stick your suction cup because if the surface is curved it cannot hold the suction cup.

An example of a smooth surface is a glass window, mirror’s side, and some others. There are some surfaces like the curve side of the car dashboard, they provide less suction power.

Clean the surface

Sometimes it happens that the surface or the suction cup is not cleaned. A dirty surface will not let the suction cup stick.  Take a soft lint-free cloth and wipe off the desired surface to remove any dust and dirt.

If the surface is dirty, clean with white vinegar, then wipe it off with a paper towel. Clean the inside of the suction cup and wipe it off with a soft cloth. Vinegar and alcohol may damage some surfaces, so apply to the surface only with no side effects.

Use water and oil or petroleum jelly

Water adds a lot of suction power to the suction cup. Rinse the suction cup under hot water to make it soft, and the suction cup gets more pliable. One advantage of water droplets inside the suction cup helps to remove the air bubbles.

Cooking oil or petroleum jelly helps to improve the suction stickiness.  Apply petroleum jelly or oil to the sides of the suction cup and it will prevent any air leakage. The cooking oil and petroleum jelly should be used in limited quantities.

Press the suction cup to stick well.

Pressing the suction cup helps to remove the air pockets and keeps the suction cup stuck. Continue pressing the suction cup to keep it bonded to the surface.

Recheck your suction cup after intervals and make sure the suction cup is stuck well. In this way, you can prevent your things from falling and save you money.


Suction cups are the better alternative to glue, magnets because of ease of use and better performance. But, due to certain circumstances, the suction cup may fail to stick. The unsmooth surface or dirty surfaces can affect suction cups performance. Always choose a smooth and clean surface, use petroleum jelly and press the suction cup to stick well. Remove any air pockets and double-check the suction cup if it’s good to hold the items.

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