How to kill a spider on the ceiling

How to kill a spider on the ceiling. There are a lot of people who have arachnophobia, so they find it difficult to cope with spiders. Even if you are not arachnophobic, detecting a spider on your ceiling may lead to perturbing you.

So, it is hard to get peace until they can’t get rid of the spider. Tackling a spider is hard until you don’t know the accurate way of tackling it. So, if you are facing the same scenario and seeking kill a spider on the ceiling, then we must say that you are not wasting your time with us.

In the following article, you may find different ways to kill or eliminate the spider on a ceiling safely and quickly. So let us start moving toward the practical work.

Ways To Eliminate Or How to kill a spider on the ceiling

Two discussions enfold the matter of an existing spider on the ceiling and whether you should kill a spider or try to make it remove. Well, it’s all ups to you.

What should you do to a spider, remove or kill it?

Two types of spiders are venomous and nonvenomous. But there are fewer chances of having a poisonous spider. Because if there are 50000 spiders, only 25 can be venomous.

Moreover, the spider you see on the ceiling doesn’t need to have any intentions to attack you. Maybe that is minding own business.kill a spider on the ceiling

So, in that type of case, you may consider ways to remove the spider instead of killing it. Another plus point for not killing a spider is that the spider tends to the fly, mosquitos, and other insects for their meal, which may lessen the level of breeding of other insects.

On the other hand, if you live in an area where there are chances of a venomous spider, then there is no other way than to be a murderer of a spider. You must be alert while proceeding with any of the steps.

Moreover, you might know that spiders don’t care if their host is venomous. They will surely eat anything to feed them to their taste without considering poisonous or nonpoisonous insects.

Consequently,  it may lead to diseases in the living being and animals in the house. So, a few factors don’t allow you to leave the spider in your house.

Valuable Methods To Get Rid Of a Spider on a Ceiling

So after the previous guideline, you may determine whether you want to kill or remove it. Here are the different valuation methods that may allow you to remove or kill a spider on the ceiling of your home.

But before jumping into the procedure, it would be better to have a ladder to access the ceiling as it is hard to approach that height with standing on the floor.

Using Vaccum Cleaner

So the first most used way to get rid of the spider from the ceiling. If you are scared of getting closer to the spider, you may choose the following way of vacuuming.

Using a vacuum for removing the spider is beneficial in most ways; like the first, you don’t need to get closer. Secondly, it doesn’t result in any mess.

You may also don’t require to make any solvent to get rid of the spider. So to make an easy and quick elimination, you may use vacuuming.

You may free the spider anywhere you want, but there is a high chance of dying the spider due to the pressure of the vacuum. If you find the way not suitable, jump to the next.

Solution of Lemon Juice & Water

Spiders feel disgusting when they interact with citric or acidic items. So, you may trigger the spider to make your place unsuitable for them by using lemon juice.

So, you require a lemon, squeeze it well, add some water and pour the solution into a spray bottle. You may find it a very convenient spider-repellent.

Ensure to open the window for its escaping before spraying the spider. If there is no place to escape, the solution will surely make the spider dummy, and you can catch it quickly.

Solution of Vinegar & WaterSolution of Vinegar & Water

Different household items may be beneficial to make a spider go out of your house. The acidic taste of the vinegar will indeed feel the spider uncomfortable.

So prepare a solution of white vinegar and water in equal quantities and pour it into a spray bottle. Shake the bottle and spray on the spider. It will also save your house later from entering any other insects.

Hold & Free The Spider

If you are not much afraid of spider and you are sure that spider is not harmful, then you may go with the following method. To access the ceiling using a tool to stand on.

Then you may use any suitable handy tool to catch the spider. Afterward, you may consider releasing it far from your home. It will be a merciful act to remove the spider.

Use of a Bug Spray

If you don’t have any natural household items to remove the spider or find it harmful and don’t want to let it go, then you may consider using bug spray.

It may able you to kill the spider instantly. While spraying, you have to be careful. It would be better to use a mask while tackling the spider. Use a ladder to get easy access.

Use of Hairspray

If you don’t have a bug or spider spray at the spot, you may use a hair spray to eliminate the spider. Another plus point is it is not harmful to you and allows you to finish the spider in 30 to 1 hour.

Bottom Line

In the following article, you may be able to learn how to kill a spider on the ceiling. Using the following article, you can appropriately get rid of a spider.

You can follow the method of your choice whether you want to kill it or want to remove it. Keep yourself safe while tackling a spider. If you find it evil or scary, you may consider contacting pest control.

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