How to fix led lights strips

How to fix led lights strips. Led light strips are decoration lights to fix in the home to increase the light and stylish look of the room. These led to light strips being readily available at low prices.

The positive thing about strip lights is that they are flexible, and you can quickly fix them on the roof ceiling and walls. You can cut the strip light from any required length and adjust it anywhere.

But, it would be best if you were adequately skillful in installing and fixing the strip led lights because it is not like an electric bulb to fix them quickly.

Following are the steps to follow if you want to fix the led lights strips but first, arrange the essential tools required for fixing the strip lights.

  • Find the mark
  • Cut the strip
  • Line up the new strip
  • Secure the connections

Keep reading the article to know all the detailed steps to troubleshoot the damaged led strips.

How to fix led lights strips
fix led lights strips

Led strip lights are terrific in the home because they enhance the home’s beauty and give a majestic look to the environment at night.

Led strip lights are arranged in a roll, and you can easily install and fix them if you have some electrical skills. But, before you start to install the lights.

You must have proper planning and like measure the length of the place and then purchase the light according to that. You also check the power issues that whether your power electricity matches the led strips or not.

Check electricity

If your led strip lights are not turning on, the first thing to check is the home electricity. Inspect the voltage reading on the main circuit box because if there is a low voltage of electricity coming from the transformer, the led strips will not turn on.

It may be a problem with the power supply, so call an electrician to check the power supply in the home because I suggest you don’t touch the electric wire to repair if you are not highly skillful.

Inspect the circuitInspect the circuit

If there is no issue with the power supply in the house and all other electrical appliances are working well. There could be an issue with the circuit in which the led strip lights are installed.

Plug in the led strips in another outlet in the room and check whether the lights are turned on or still they are switched off.

If the led strips are turned on in the other socket, it may be an issue with the dimmer or the controller in that wall outlet. It would be best if you repaired the faulty outlet.

Loose connections

It is essential to install the led strip lights tightly on the wall and the roof ceilings. Tight the screws on the wires; refix the led strips in connectors if the wire is loose from any place.

Led strips malfunctioning

If you see that half the led strip light is flashing and half is turned off, it is simple to fix this problem. Just follow these steps.

Find the mark

First, find the mark from where the led light is not flashing because you need to measure the exact length of the wire because the strip lights come in a bundle, and you need to buy the required length of the strip led.

Cut the strip

After purchasing the new strip led, cut the led strip carefully from where it is damaged. You can easily cut the led strip with a sharp scissor, but doubt forget to switch off the power supply of the room to save your elf from electric shock.

Line up the new strip

After cutting the strip, carefully align the new strip to where you cut the damaged strip. Take care of the four connections, and ensure the solder is safe and steady.

Secure the connectionsSecure the connections

After securing all connections, switch in the plug, switch it on the led strip light, and check that the new led strips are correctly attached to the strip.

The bottom line

The final words in this article are that if you have installed the led strip light on the roof ceiling roof to increase the beauty in the room, then always try to fix them properly.

So that there should be no loose connections in the wires because the connections become loose; the led strip lights stop flashing, and you need to repair them again.

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