How to clean urine from tile grout

How to clean urine from tile grout. Living in a clean, fresh, and fragrant place makes you feel fresh and active. On the other hand, a person tries to escape from a place quickly that stinks and starts getting on her nerves.

Well, a bathroom is a more substantial room inside our houses, you use it to make you feel relaxed and fresh, but it can make you feel disgusting because of the left stains in the tile grout and stinks of urine.

Both things are enough to urge for determining the cleaning of the stains from the tile grout. But it can turn hard after it dries out, so you need an appropriate procedure to cope with it.

Guideline For How to clean urine from tile grout

Regular cleaning can save you from facing a harsh situation. So, using the cleaner would be better for cleaning your bathroom regularly or at least once in two to three days.clean urine from tile grout

Cleaning will keep the dirt or urine loose and stop it from accumulating in the tile grout after drying. Therefore, if you have recently suspected the stains of urine in the tile grout, don’t get lazy and take a step to clean it.

It might be possible that you know or not, but urine in the tile grout infest bacteria that may trigger the tearing out of the material of your bathroom.

In the following article, you will be aware with proper guidelines about the things you are required for cleaning the tile grout efficiently with proper instructions for proceeding with them.

Require Material

Suppose you want to eliminate urine stains and odors from your bathroom tile grout without damaging the material. In that case, you may follow the guideline properly by using the following material listed below.

  1. An Enzyme Urine Remover
  2. Acid-based grout cleaner
  3. A Blacklight
  4. A Sponge or An old Toothbrush
  5. The Grout sealant

Tips To Use Commercial Product

Before going into the procedure, we suggest you follow the description of the product you have purchased for the cleaning task. It would help if you considered the application time of the solvent.

Some abrasive solution available in the market gives ideal results, but their prolonged stays can tear out the grout and the material.

Some people use bleach for cleaning purposes, but it contains complex chemicals that may cause damage. So, here are the steps you may follow to remove the urine causing the discoloration of the tiles.

Steps You Should Follow

Step 1. Use Enzyme Cleaner

So, in the very beginning, you required the mentioned cleaner, which is enzyme cleaner. You must apply a solution layer by spraying it on the affected area.

Give the cleaner some time to do its magic. After that, you may use an old toothbrush to rub the area. If you don’t have a brush, you may use a sponge, giving the same results as a brush.

Step 2. Grout Cleaner For Remaining StainsGrout Cleaner For Remaining Stains

The enzyme cleaner will indeed eliminate the stink of urine. But if the stains are still appearing in the tile grout of your bathroom, then you may go with grout cleaner.

It is specially dedicated to getting rid of stubborn stains of urine. Apply the appropriate quantity on the stained area and wait for some time, refer to the product packaging instruction would be a better choice. Use the brush sponge for rubbing.

Step 3. No Visible Stains But Odor

If you have cleaned the area properly and there are no stains visible, but still the odor is making trouble in the environment, then you may use the handheld UV black light to detect and mark the stains. Ensure to flick off the bath light.

Step 4. Use Sealant To Protect Surface

We hope the previous steps are enough to eliminate the odor and urine stains from your bath surface. But it can be returned after some time if you have a baby or pet that you may blame for the urine spots on the surface.

To tackle the issue, you may use grout sealant to make a shield over the surface. It will prevent the surface and tile grout from accumulating urine. So apply a layer of the sealant on the surface best at night.

You may use the brush or can spray on the entire area. Let the surface dry for a whole night. But pay attention, one layer is not enough, so you must apply another layer in the morning and let the bath rest for the whole day. Two layers of sealant are enough for a year.

Step 5. Regular Cleaning

Use the tile and grout cleaner for regular cleaning. Apply the cleaner on the floor and wait for some time, then take a washroom or a bathroom sponge brush with a long handle and scrub a little like regular cleaning.


The following guide explains the appropriate procedure and items to eliminate urine stains and odor. You can follow the steps accurately to get a neat and clean bathroom tile grout. After completing the cleaning procedure, you will be able to seal the surface to avoid this kind of issue in the future.

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