How to block neighbors security camera

How to block neighbors security camera. Security cameras are installed at the gates of homes and buildings for security purposes. You can easily find out who is knocking at the door inside the home. But, the security camera position matters significantly if you install them outside the home.

If the security camera of your neighbors is fixed in the direction of your lawn, it is terrible because it is against the law and disturbs your privacy. You can not sit on the lawn with your family.

First, it is better to talk to your neighbors to change the position of the security camera. If they change their position, the problem is solved, but if still, they are not concentrating, then you don’t worry because you can block the neighbor’s safety camera in these ways.

  • Check the camera
  • Plant the trees
  • Fix your security camera
  • Consult with lawyer and police
  • Talk to a negotiator
  • Rub the camera lens
  • Block the security camera

Let’s read in detail all these points to fix this critical issue so you can easily enjoy your privacy.

How to block neighbors security camerablock neighbors security camera

Security cameras are best to have outside the home to secure your home from unknown people. Still, there are some legal rules that you must follow while installing the camera like you can not position its lens toward the interior side of your neighbors.

If you are getting disturbed y your neighbor’s safety camera, follow these options.

Check the camera

If you were out of the home when you came home and saw that your neighbors had installed a safety camera, and its lens is toward your home lawn, check that the camera is original or fake.Check the camera

Some people install fake cameras to frighten away unknown people, especially thieves. You don’t need to block the camera if the camera is fake.

Talk to neighbors

If the camera is original, then the first thing to do is talk to your neighbors to tell them that their camera is disturbing the privacy of your home.

Sometimes, it also happens that your neighbor is not aware of this issue during a discussion. If he does not negotiate with you and accept his mistake, then politely ask him if he will not change his position; you can consult with the lawyers and police.

Plant the trees

You can also plant the trees and shrubbery to stop the view of the safety camera. If you don’t want to fight with your neighbors, the best option is to plant the big trees so that the camera lens does not make a view of your home.

Fix your security cameraFix your security camera

If you have a prying neighbor, then install your security camera. In some cases, it is clueless to argue with them.

So, install your security camera pointing toward the direction of your neighbor. You can check him on the camera if he is creating some trouble for you.

Thick curtains

If the safety camera of your neighbors is disturbing your privacy, then fix thick curtains on the room windows so that no things can be seen from the camera’s eyes.

Talk to a negotiator

There are always some negotiators and mediators in every society. They can adjust the meeting to a different place to solve the issue. The negotiator will listen to the views of both parties, and they can advise both to fix the issue before things go into the hand of the police.

Consult with lawyer and police

If your neighbor is not coming on any point and not listening to the advice of the negotiator, then you have the option of police and lawyer. You can go to the police station and tell them all the problems.

Is it not legal to point the safety camera toward other homes so police will talk with the nosy person. The police will convince him whether to change the position of the camera lens; otherwise, the police will pull the camera outside the home.

Rub the camera lens

If nothing is going in favor, then the last option for you is to rub the camera’s lens. The rubbing will damage the safety camera. You can also use laser light to blind the camera. Set a laser light toward the camera to obstruct the camera feed. You can repeat this multiple times so that your neighbor has to change the position of the lens.


The final thoughts on this article are that if your neighbor’s safety camera is disturbing your privacy, check whether it is an original or fake camera.

If it is the original camera, then first o all, talk to home politely that change its position. If he does not accept your view, then you can consult with the police or lawyer to case him.

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