How To Adjust Whirlpool Refrigerator Door Swing

How To Adjust Whirlpool Refrigerator Door Swing. Start by emptying the door, taking all the food out of the door, and the whole fridge work better. Lifting the door and removing the hinges is done next. Move it to the opposite side and then rotate the hinge using some force.

My fridge door sometimes opened too much and other times it actually didn’t move well. But mostly it was opening too much. I was going to replace the whole door but my friend recommended adjusting the swing of the fridge door.

It was better than having a new door, as the doors are costly. Thinking that he helped me with adjusting the swing of my fridge and the door problem of my Whirlpool was solved very fast.

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How To Adjust Whirlpool Refrigerator Door SwingAdjust Whirlpool Refrigerator Door Swing

Having a fridge with a door that opens too much can be a headache sometimes. The door can hot other objects and get damaged. The scratches on Whirlpool don’t look very good.

The fridge door isn’t the only thing that gets damaged. The object the door hits also gets the impact and the impact can be on the wall as well. Having a soft object placed on the outside of the door can save some of the damage.

The door being cushioned by a soft object isn’t a permanent fix. The soft object or an ottoman won’t always save the door and the door isn’t completely safe either. The only permanent solution to fix the fridge door is to adjust its swings.

The adjustment requires all food items in the door to be taken out because they will fall and their weight affects the movement too. There’s the hinge on the bottom which needs to be removed after lifting it. Sliding and rotating the door will fix it.

Clearing the fridgeClearing the fridge

The fridge door should be cleared. You may have stored food in the door or in water bottles.

The egg tray is also in the door, so remove all the eggs, bottles, and other items that you may have in the fridge. Take all the items in the door and place them in a safe place.

It’s even better if you can clear the whole fridge. Taking all the items from the fridge will give you peace of mind. After taking all the items, you should clean the door thoroughly and check it.

Removing the door

After clearing the door, you need to remove the fridge door completely. The Whirlpool fridge door isn’t stuck or anything, so it’s easy to take the door off. Though the door won’t be off just by pulling it. You need to lift the fridge door to remove it.

Grab the door from the bottom to lift it easily. Slide the door a bit. Sliding the door to the side will free it and lifting will get the door off. The door of the fridge isn’t light.

You might not be able to lift the door alone and remove it. Having spare hands to help you in lifting the door is a great idea.

Removing the hingesRemoving the hinges

After the door is removed. You will see that there are hinges and brushes present at the bottom of the door.

These hinges are very important. In fact, you need to remove the hinges and set them for setting the door swing.

You need a square bit and a drill or a special screwdriver to remove the hinges. Just put the face of the bit on the hinges as they fit and then move the drill to remove them.

Setting the hinges

Now that the hinge has been removed with its bushing, set the bushing and the hinge in the next lot to adjust it. The changing of the hinge slot is actually the full process of adjusting the swing.

Level the bottom of the door to avoid any problems and make sure they are parallel. Now pace the hinges after your investigation of the level and the slot is complete.

After leveling, rotate the hinge. Make sure the hinge makes an angle of 90 degrees and that should be with respect to the door’s bottom edge. Place the door back and slide the door into its position.

Now test the fridge door by opening and closing it. Make sure the door isn’t opening too much. Close to see the adjustment on the base of the door. If the door fits on the base without a problem, you are free to put the things you took out from the fridge back inside.

The last word

The problem of the door swinging open too much requires adjustment of the hinges. The swing problem isn’t only in Whirlpool but all. This method for adjusting the whirlpool door swing is actually universal. Follow the steps and adjust the hinges.

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