How many outlets on a 20 amp circuit

How many outlets on a 20 amp circuit. A 20-amp circuit can reach 2400 watts as of 120V, so it’s recommended to keep 10 outlets as a single outlet has a maximum draw of 1.5 amps or 180 watts.

If you put more outlets that exceed the 20amp circuit limit capacity it will result in overloading and breaker tripping off. Always follow the rule of using the 80% of circuit and breaker rule.

Using 80 % of the total circuit capacity is good to avoid overloading if a device consumes more power. For the 20-amp circuit remember that you are using the right wire size and outlets to avoid overloading and electrical hazards.

A circuit breaker is an electrical device that maintains the safety of your house from electrical hazards.

Circuit breakers have different ratings when your circuit exceeds those ratings circuit will trip off to avoid overheating, overloading, and electrical hazards.

How many outlets on a 20 amp circuitHow many outlets on a 20 amp circuit 2022

Ten outlets with a maximum draw of 1.5 amps for each outlet are suitable for a 20amp circuit.

As calculations show that ten outlets will occupy 15amps of the circuit you can add more outlets but the practical terms show that you should always install outlets keeping the percentage under 80%.

Go through the following points for detailed knowledge about Managing properly the outlets.

Allowable breaker load as per National electrical code

The national electrical code has explained allowable breaker load, that actually 80% if your circuit goes beyond this you will probably face breaker is tripping.

There is no limit that you can use how many outlets on a 20 circuit it depends on your choice and need. This is a standard set by NEC that always keeps the load under 80%.

This will help breaker in a situation when you turn on an appliance with high power requirements. The breaker will be able to handle this surge situation.

Plan to avoid overloadingPlan to avoid overloading

This is very important to avoid overloading in a circuit. So, before installing the circuit you should make a proper plan.

That is how many outlets you are going to add to a 20-amp circuit, and most importantly the load each outlet will carry.

The total load should not exceed 16 amps in a 20 amps circuit. Follow the general rule for the bedrooms as every wall should contain an outlet, depending on your need you can install outlets every 6 feet.

For kitchens and bathrooms install two 2 circuits as the dishwasher demands a dedicated circuit.

Balance electrical load

It is wise to make an electrical plan for balancing the electric load in a circuit. Start with lights, as they take very less power consumption, add light to the circuit.

Divide your circuit in such a way that each breaker may not exceed the 16amps for every 20 amps circuit. Add lights to this circuit.

As we know the kitchen may need appliances with high voltage, so here you need to think technically, and make two circuits for the kitchen so if one fails you will still be able to use the other.

Some Useful Guidelines

The best idea is to spread the outlets around your house so the power is available in all areas where needed. Make the plan to assign a maximum draw of 1.5 amps for each receptacle.

Install separate circuits in the kitchen, if one circuit fails so other would-be used. always maintain the balance between circuits and breakers. Lights should be added to circuits with low power usage.


We are well aware of the electrical hazards, to avoid these hazards breakers are the best option, but you should also plan the circuit load.

You can put many outlets but it’s recommended to use 10 outlets in a 20 amp circuit to avoid the circuit from tripping off. Always use a 12 gauge wire for the 20-amp circuit.

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