How to fix an overloaded circuit

How to fix an overloaded circuit. When excessive current passes through a circuit or there is an overflow of electric current in your home appliances or other devices. They may get short and might even blow up.

This will cause damage o your property and not just that it might even blow up the fuse of the transformer you are connected to. Thus causing a blackout in the whole area.

To not let such a catastrophe occur we used to use fuses but in this era, circuit breakers have taken their place. Fuses are still used but MCBs are getting more common due to their efficient work.

They are not costly so they are easily affordable by almost everyone and they just flip, unlike fuses that used to melt.

And we don’t have to replace them like fuses we can just flip them back and we are good to go. MCBs are easy to install and are good at preventing circuit overload.

How to fix an overloaded circuit

I have just elaborated on the cause of circuit overload above which is that it is caused b the excessive flow of current.

Knowing about the circuit

You will then know if you actually have an overload problem. If the switch has flipped that would mean you have an electric problem at your hand.

And you need to prepare countermeasures for it. After the 1st step let’s get to the second one.


If you are smart enough you can just figure it out in just a few seconds. As for how it depends upon the situation. Still, the basics of it are to find the device you last connected.

That is most probably the cause of the overflow. It can be little devices as well even a hairdryer may be the cause of your problem.


The third and one of the most important steps is that after you have pinpointed the actual cause of your problem you have to remove it.

Well, it is an easy step you just have to remove the appliance or device you deemed as the source of the cause of the overflow. Like I have said before the source can be anything.

Removing extra load

In the fourth step, you remove the extra amount of load or just some other stuff that is a burden on the circuit.

After doing that plug all the devices you think you can use without causing too much strain on the circuit.

Analyzing if the Problem is solved

If the last step doesn’t work you always just replace the MCB with another MCB  or even replace it with a fuse if you like.

The option of splitting the burden is always a choice.


Almost everything these days work on electricity. It can be said that we are completely dependent on it and if we.  face such a problem where we have no electricity and the reason behind is the overflow of current in the circuit.

This will save our time and money that is if we do it ourselves. We can even call certified professionals to take care of our problem. That will be faster as they are highly trained in the matter.

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