Grass Not Going Into Lawn Mower Bag

Grass Not Going Into Lawn Mower Bag. The blower tubes of the mower can be clogged. The blades aren’t cutting, and so the grass doesn’t go anywhere. The lack of air movement in the mower doesn’t let the grass bag up either. The mower’s fan can be broken, or the belt is worn.

My mower wasn’t bagging the grass. The grass was just cut, but the grass lay there and didn’t go into the bag. The mower’s blower tubes weren’t sucking the grass because they were clogged.

I checked and found other mower issues that didn’t allow baggage. My mower started bagging after I fixed it.

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Grass Not Going Into Lawn Mower BagGrass Not Going Into Lawn Mower

The grass is just making a mess because the lawn mower is only cutting, and the grass isn’t entering the mower’s bag is annoying. The grass will just make a mess as it stays there and even gets stuck in the mower because of that.

Grass getting stuck will lead to mower blades and engine problems, so dealing with the mower when it’s just having a bagging problem is better.

The grass not getting into the mower is usually because the air movement in the device is low. The air movement is low because of the grass getting in the blades.

The blower tube of the mower getting clogged causes the grass to not get into the bad. The engine speed of the mower can be slow. Having blades that are dull or worn out is a problem.

Dull blades/insallationDull blades insallation

The blades that cut the grass should be checked from the top. If they are worn out or have become dull, they won’t be able to push the grass into the tubes. As the underside of the grass won’t get any grass, the grass won’t be able to get into the bag.

To get rid of the grass baggage issue because of dull blades, take the old blades off and get new blades. If you can repair the blades and make them sharp again, that will start putting the grass in the baggage. Get excellent and sharp blades for grassing.

If the blades you have aren’t dull, but the grass still isn’t going to the bags, then the blades may be unaligned. The blades, when unaligned, won’t be able to cut the grass, and improper blade installment won’t let the tubes get the grass, and you will have a bagging problem.

The blades should be removed, and if you are installing new mower blades, then place the mower blade in the old blade’s place and settle the mower’s blade down. Make sure the blade is correct. Now tighten the blade so it won’t move. Try it.

Carrying tubes

The grass reaches the bag through a channel of tubes. Check the tubes and see if the grass tubes are clogged. The grass is probably clogging the tubes. You might see sticks and other materials like soil clogging the mower’s tubes.

Removing the grass and the debris present in the mower’s tubes will free them, and the grass can reach the bag. Remove the blades to reach the tubes safely.

The blades are sharp, and they might disturb or harm you when you are dealing with the tube. After you reach the tubes, start cleaning them. Use something that can take the debris and grasses out.

After the tubes are clear, spray silicone spray inside them. The silicon spray can detach the grass and not let the grass stick. Clean the tubes of the mower once in a while to remove any buildup for the future.

Faulty blowerFaulty blower

The blower of the mower can be faulty. The mower’s blower blows the grass and pushes them through the tube to reach the bag.

The blower uses air to push the grass so the grass can get up in the tube with air pressure. If the grass blocks the blower or the blower doesn’t push, the grass won’t move well.

The blower doesn’t push if it’s faulty, or the blower may have debris that disallows it from pushing the grass if the blower is faulty or blocked. Then clear the mower’s filter and fix the blowing power. It’ll work.

Lawn mower wont pick up the grass properly

The last word

A Faulty blower or whatever causes the grass to not get into the bag of the mower is annoying. The mower should clean the grass as it cuts it. The deck belt of the mower can be faulty. The belt on the blower may be loose. The fan is worn, and the housing is torn.

The bearing of the blower housing may be loose. The speed of the engine may be too slow. If you are removing wet grass, then it will get stuck in the tubes, and it won’t get into the bag. Read the above.

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