Garbage disposal blades loose

Garbage disposal blades loose. Garbage disposal is an electric tool that is connected to the kitchen sink. The disposal contains two blades for grinding food particles.

When the bolts get loosened, they create an annoying noise like the disposal is ready to fly. When the blades begin to loosen it’s better to tighten them rather than purchase the new blades. If the blades are in good condition is better to tighten, else replace the blades.

If the blades are loosened tight by identifying the location of disposal and remove your garbage disposal.

Now find the bolts connecting the blades with the garbage disposal, and screw the blades with a wrench. Reattach the disposal with the sink by tightening the bot with the wrench.

Garbage disposal blades looseGarbage disposal blades 2022

If you find the blades or impeller plates are not moving there can be several reasons. When the food starts clogging continually around the walls or underneath the blades, the blades lose and cannot move.

The best solution is to fix the blades back to their tight position so that they can perform the desired task.

Steps to tighten the garbage disposal blades

Tightening the blades at home is a doable task, luckily you can fix this by following the instructions and steps below.

Cut off the power supply

Garbage disposal is electric, turn off the circuit breaker and unplug the cable before you start working. This step is important to avoid any electric hazards.

Remove the garbage disposal from the sink

To check and fix the blades you need to detach the garbage disposal from the base of the sink.

Take a pipe wrench and unscrew the net holding the disposal with the bottom of the sink.

Tight the bladesTight the blades

The garbage disposal blades are connected through bolts. Take a proper tool for tightening the bolts.

When you fix the bolts, the blades will be tightened. Clean the blades.

Remove any jams

Check your garbage disposal for any jam in-between the blades. Check the blades and plates if there is anything jammed.

Remove all the debris and clogging particles. Check the flange if there is any debris, remove debris and clean the flange.

Reconnect and reset the garbage disposal

Reconnect your garbage disposal back to the sink after finishing the maintenance. Take a pipe wrench and tighten the bolt with it for firm fitting.

Check for the red-colored reset button on the bottom of the garbage disposal and press the button.

Steps to replace the garbage disposal blades

Excessive wear of the blades demands replacing the blades with a new ones.

Unplug your garbage disposalUnplug your garbage disposal

First of all, you need to cut off the power supply of the garbage disposal or turn off the breaker and unplug it.

This is a precautionary measure to avoid any sort of electric hazards.

Remove the garbage disposal

Take the preventive measure as a garbage disposal is heavy. You may need assistance from a friend.

First, remove the drain pipe located at the side, take a pipe wrench and unscrew the pipe. After removing the drainpipe remove the garbage disposal.

Replace the blades

Find the bolts of blades and lose them with a wrench. As the disposal parts are wet, take some cloth or towel to maintain a strong grip. After removing the blades, attach the new one and tighten the bolt.

Reattach the garbage disposal

After replacing the blades, fix the garbage disposal back to the bottom of the sink. Tight the screws and bolts and plug the disposal into the switch.

Now turn on the breaker and press the reset button to check the status of the disposal.


Garbage disposal prevents the sink line from clogging by chopping and grinding the food particles. when you notice an extra noise from the disposal, check for the blades if they are loosened.

Tightening the loose blades is a cost-effective step, but when the blades are useless it’s better to replace them.  Keep your garbage disposal ready to serve by maintenance and service the garbage disposal. For further knowledge keep yourself connected by providing feedback.

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