Extending pressure washer hose

Extending pressure washer hose. When you find that your pressure washer hose is not long enough to reach the desired area, the best thing is to extend the pressure washer hose.

Well along with the benefits there are some warnings too. There are many ways you can extend your pressure hose, like connecting two hoses together may solve the issue.

Another method is replacing the current one with a new longer hose. To extend the hose you need couplers, adopters, and some other accessories as well.

Pressure washer hoses have female and male ends that are used to connect to other hoses or to couplers.

Always connect female end to male end in case of regular connections, but for quick connections, the scenario is totally different.

Here we are going to discuss in detail how to extend the pressure washer hose? Keep reading for your info.

Extending pressure washer hoseExtending pressure washer

To extend the pressure washer hose you need to consider the following things first. Ensure that the fittings should be up to 4000 psi at least. The connection should be strong and it should be resistive to corrosion.

3 easy steps to extend pressure washer hose

Connect pressure washer hose to the washer: The first step is about connecting the pressure washer hose to the pressure washer for the purpose to extend it.

Well before proceeding further it’s important to know that by default the pressure washers have a female connection.

So a proper and secure connection you need the male connection of the hose to be connected with the female connection of the pressure washer.

After ensuring secure fitting, screw it with a screw. You can also connect the male end in case of quick connection.

Connect the respective hoses together: After making a connection the second step is all about connecting the hoses together. Make coupling between opposite ends of the house connector and couplers.

Connect one side with the female end of the pressure house. Now take the male end of the connector and screw it to the female end of the coupler, and follow.

The ideal method for regular screw-in-class connections is to screw the male end to the female end. On the other hand, side, the quick connection is the same as you have connected the pressure house earlier.

Make the connection between spray gun and hose: Spray guns come up with an interesting feature of quick connections. To connect your hose with the spray gun, connect the male with the female end.


It’s ideal to extend the pressure washer hose to make easy access to all areas. Extending pressure hose involves connecting two hoses together with the help of a connecter/ coupler and by using some other accessories. Make sure you have made the connections secure and the material used should be corrosion-free.

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