Dimmer switch not working

Dimmer switch not working. Then your fans and lights will not switch on and as a result, there will be darkness in the home. Sometimes it is due to a loose wire or fault in the inside of the dimmer switch.

If you have a dimmer switch that is not working accurately then first of all check the breaker of the switch. Maybe there is an issue with the circuit breaker.

If the circuit breaker seems in the right position in the main circuit box then try to replace the light bulb. There is also the possibility of a faulty bulb.

At times it also happens that the dust and debris gather in the connections so whenever you have free time then clean these connections, they are sometimes culprits behind this issue.

If the dimmer switch is still not working then you can hire a certified electrician for a closer look at the wiring of the home to fix the issue.

Dimmer switch not working

Dimmer switch not working

Dimmer switches are very good to install in the outlets of rooms in a home to increase the ambiance and control the atmosphere.

You can also decrease the bill at the end of the month by controlling the lights with a dimmer switch. Therefore it is very frustrating if the dimmer has stopped working.

There are various signs of a faulty switch like

  • It is making a sparking noise
  • Dimmer is too warm
  • Tripping the breaker frequently
  • The bulb is not turned on

If you inspect any of these symptoms then surely there is something wrong with the dimmer switch. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to fix the issue but before that wear the gloves and take other safety measures to save yourself from the electric shock.

Inspect the circuit breaker

If your dimmer switch is tripping the breaker again or the fuse is blown frequently then it is not working properly.

You can check it in this way switch on the light of the suspected switch and check the breaker if it is tripped. If the fuse of the breaker is blown then replace the circuit breaker.

If you see that the breaker is tripping again and again whenever you turned on the dimmer then it has a big issue so hire an electrition now.

Fault in bulb

Fault in bulbs is the most common issue faced by the owners with dimmer buttons. It usually happens when the old bulb is damaged and the owner fixes a new bulb in the fixture without knowing that some bulb is dimmable and some do have not the function of dimmable.

So whenever you tend to replace the bulb then read the box of it and ensure that it can be dimmable. Although nowadays there are a variety of bulbs in the market which have this function but yet it is better to confirm.

Water damage

If the water is leaking from the pipeline in the wall then it can go into the circuit box to damage the circuit breaker or if the water is dripping into the outlet then it will also short the circuit and as a result buttons in that wet outlet will not work.

Depreciation of the switch

As you know that with the time due to a lot of use the dimmer can stop working due to wear and tear. But it will not happen after just months rather it will take years of normal use for the depreciation of the switch.

If you will roughly use the dimmer switch and move it again and again then obviously it will break down after some time.

Replace the bulb or switch

At times, it also happens that you are not clear which one is faulty either the bulb or the switch. Then first of all replace the bulb and install a new bulb in the fixture.

If the dimmer is still not working then surely there is an issue with the button so replace it.

Look into wiring

Look into wiring

If the problem is not solved yet the last thing to inspect is the electrical wiring of the home.

Now problem is that you can not pull out the all wiring from the wall because it is very expensive.

So now you can hire an electrician who will inspect the wiring and fix the issue of not working of dimmer switch.


It is very difficult to survive in the dark evening if the dimmer switch is not working. All the possible solutions are mentioned in this article but it is important to use the button carefully and prevent it from leaking water.

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