Average Electricity Bill For 3 Bedroom House

Average Electricity Bill For 3 Bedroom House. The average monthly bill for a 3 bedroom house is $200. The bill varies with the areas in which the house is located. The states can have different electricity costs all around.

The average bill also depends on the electrical devices that are used. Washing machines and devices are affecting bills as extras too.

I was looking for a 3 from the house and I planned everything. The billing was also taken into account by me.

Though the house was my first house, planning everything, including the electric bill estimate, is my style. I estimated the bill and I am living successfully now.

Read to learn!.

Average Electricity Bill For 3 Bedroom HouseElectricity Bill For 3 Bedroom House

The monthly bill for an apartment that has three rooms has factors now on which the toll depends. The factor of billing varies on the number of users and the power consumed.

The number of appliances and the type of appliances is also in it. The bills in the heavy area and luxury areas can be expensive. The cost varies from the area. The behavior and individual lifestyle of the people residing in the house is a big billing factor.

If you aren’t using extra machines like treadmills and other electrical machines, then it’s better. The bill won’t be high. It won’t exceed $200. But if you are living in a luxury area, then it may.

Let’s see the billing factors and discuss them.


Location is the first factor in billing. The state and the area of the state can change the electricity cost for you. The urban areas have higher bills because of their advancement.

The rural areas have less cost as there aren’t many electrical devices and the people in rural areas don’t need much electricity.

The location in areas that are expensive will also mean that the electricity bills will be high.

Areas with less luxury and simple places like downtown aren’t expensive in electricity. Another factor in location is population. Population affects the bill too.

The areas with more population have higher electricity bills than the bills of less populated areas. There was a survey in 2018 that proved this. So if you are in a populated area, then pay more.

No of users

After the location and the population factor of billing comes the number of users in the house. If you are more people living in the house, like a 3 room has 6 people as couples living, then the bill will exceed $200 without a doubt. On the contrary, 3 people living in 3 rooms will have much less bill than that.

So the number of people living in the 3 houses directly affects the units of electricity consumed by them and the units of electricity will affect the electricity bill they have to pay.

So take the number of people into consideration in any house. The needs of more people are more and the needs can be electrical.

User lifestyle

The life of electricity users depends on their style. The number of users is related to lifestyle as well. The users in number will have different lifestyles.

Some people have an expensive live style because of their childhood and their habits. They use more stuff and the machines require electricity.

If the user doesn’t use much electricity because his lifestyle is simple, then the electricity bill will be less. If multiple users have a luxury living style, then the bill will far exceed the expectations.

Extra appliancesExtra appliances

If the number of people in the house is 3 and they have a normal lifestyle, the bill will be $200 at most, but if the users have extra appliances in the house, then the bill will be more expensive.

More appliances require more electricity as users. A treadmill is an extra appliance that isn’t included in a 3 room house.

The more extra appliances that aren’t necessary are used, the bill increases with them. The number of users comes here as well. Extra chargers for phones are used when the number of users exceeds and a luxurious lifestyle uses more machines.

The last word

The electricity bill depends on the factors above. Some other electricity factors may be included, but the results are that an average 3-room house would cost $200 as an electricity bill.

The relocation and population like the number of people living in the house will affect this calculation. Use the unit price of electricity and calculate the bill including the above factors.

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