Troy bilt riding mower will not stay running

Troy bilt riding mower will not stay running. It is frustrating when you cut the grass in your backyard with a troy bilt riding mower, and it suddenly stops running. If you are not skillful, you will have to pay extra cost to a professional to check the mower.

The most common cause beyond this problem is fuel problems. It is essential to remember that do not even think about using old fuel, whether oil or gas. Using the gas or oil in the tank for more than a month will have nasty effects on the engine and the mower.

The next thing to ensure is the quality of the fuel. If you use lousy quality gas or oil in the mower to run the machine, then be ready to damage different parts of the mower.

Troy bilt riding mower will not stay runningriding mower will not stay running

There are a number of reasons why a troy bilt riding mower suddenly dies. It is difficult to bear the repairing bills.

Therefore, I am writing this article to explain various troubleshooting methods if the troy bilt riding mower.

Old fuel

If your troy bilt riding mower dies after running for some time, you probably use an old fuel in it. Using old fuel in the riding mower is like a disaster, so always try to use fresh gas and oil when you begin the mowing session.

If you are frustrated due to the sudden stop of the mower repeatedly, check the fuel level in the fuel tank. Sometimes you don’t know the fuel is almost finished in the fuel tank, and you are still trying to run the machine.

Open the fuel tank; if the fuel is finished, then refill the fuel tank and run the machine without any problem. It is essential to have information that uses the fuel within one month, and do not leave your ring mower on the lawn after cutting the grass because moisture is added to the fuel.

Low-quality fuel

The quality of fuel matters a lot in every machine. If you are using low-quality fuel in the riding mower, you can get a stop problem and damage to various components of the machine.

Always try to use high-quality gas and oil in the mower that has less percentage of ethanol in it to avoid this problem.

The issue with the spark plug

A spark plug is used to transfer the power in the riding mower. If there is an issue with the spark plug, the mower dies suddenly.

If you see any sign of cracks or it is worn out due to wear and tear, replace it with running the machine without interruption.

Carburator is cloggedCarburator is clogged

If you leave the fuel in the mower for a long time, then the carburetor of the riding mower becomes clogged. With time some fuel is evaporated from the mower, leaving a thicker material behind.

This thicker material is stuck in the carburetor and stops the engine repeatedly when you run the machine. If you see the carburetor is clogged with debris and thicker material, clean all clogs with the help of a carburetor cleaner.

The fuel filter is blocked

If you are using old fuel in the mower, then it leaves debris and dust in the fuel filter and fuel lines. It does not allow the oil or gas to pass through the fuel filter. The mower stops when the fuel does not reach the engine in an excess amount.The fuel filter is blocked

So, clean the fuel lines and filter clogged with debris if you see the fuel lines. The filter of the troy bilt riding mower is available in the market at fewer prices, so it is better to change the air filter of the riding mower after one year.

So that the fuel does not stick in the air filter, stop the mower suddenly when you are cutting the grass on the lawn.


The bottom line of the article is that if you are using a troy bilt riding mower and it dies suddenly then maintain it properly by taking care of several points like always using new and quality fuel in the mower.

Always clean all parts of the mower when you finish mowing the lawn because the debris stuck in different parts like the carburetor and air filter creates a lot of issues for the mower.

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