Stretching welded wire fence

Stretching welded wire fence. A fence is essential in any home because it keeps your pets and animals inside and does not allow other animals on the property. But, your fence can only give you protection and safety when it is fixed and maintained accurately. If you install the welded wire fence incorrectly, it will become a continuous headache for you.

If you are learning how to stretch welded wire fence, before that, you have information about how to install or fix it. This fence can vary at any place from 3 to 6 feet in height.

Usually, fences are hard to fix, but this article will help you learn about vital points you must avoid when installing the fence.

Stretching welded wire fencewelded wire fence

Wire fence is installed in front of properties for protection purposes. Most people call a professional to install the wires because it is not an easy task to perform.

A slight mistake can become a headache, but if you are willing to do it yourself and save the cost, follow these instructions.

Set the plans

Before you start your work, clearly define what you want to do, especially if it is related to the security and protection of your home. You are well prepared with all tools.

You must have proper planning of what should be the height, length, and width of the wire. You must know where you will start your task and how much time you will spend on this.

Getting readyGetting ready

The first step to perform is to find the height of the wire fence. It should be 3 feet higher than the post. If you keep the fence’s height 8 feet tall, the post should be 5 feet tall.

Distance of wire

Before starting your work, you must have the proper length of wire required to install. So take the proper measurements and then purchase the wire.

If you do not take the measurements, the wire could end halfway to work, and it isn’t very pleasant because you will have to stop your work.

Wire fence is obtainable in rolls of different lengths. If you want to minimize the price, purchase a large roll of wire because it will be available at less.

Settling the posts

After purchasing the wire, remove the marker post and change them with T-post but ensure to straighten them. You can use a hammer for this job.

The distance between each post must be 8 to 10 feet. You can adjust the distance between posts by placing one post at the start of the fence and one post at the other end of the fence.

Now measure the length between both posts and place one post at the center. Then you can easily place the remaining post according to suitable length. Ensure your post must be straight in height.

Installing the wireInstalling the wire

After placing all the wires, it is settled to install them on the posts. First, carefully open the tool of wire without harming yourself. You will require a wire stretcher to complete this step.

Wire stretchers are available in various sizes and shapes. Tight the end of a wire on the first post and then stretch it to the next post but leave some space between the end of the wire and the ground.

You can stretch your welded wire fence to the next post and then so on to the last post of the fence. Remember that your wire fence will not be strong enough if you do not have strong posts.

Always wear gloves and use a wire stretching machine to pull the wires because if you are using your hands to pull the wires, then you might injure yourself due to the wire.

Installing a Welded Wire Fence


The final thoughts on this informative article are that hiring a professional to stretch welded wire fences is better because it is not an easy task.

Still, if you want to save money and do it by yourself, then you need to keep some points in mind, like measuring the total length of the fence and then using a wire pulling machine to stretch the wire. All the posts must be strong and straight tall to keep the wire firm.

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