Riding Lawn Mower Loses Power Blades Engaged

Riding Lawn Mower Loses Power Blades Engaged. Clogged air filters of the mower are the leading cause of losing power. Low fuel can also decrease the power and cut the power after being finished. The fuel filter may be blocked, or the carburetor is filled with trash. A faulty spark plug is also a power problem.

I was going to mow my lawn, but as soon as I sat on my riding mower and engaged my blades, the mower stopped as the power was lost. I am not a mower expert but having to use different mowers, I know how to fix mowers.

I troubleshooter my riding mower and successfully found the reason my mower lost power when its blade got engaged.

Riding Lawn Mower Loses Power Blades EngagedLawn Mower Loses Power Blades Engaged

Having a riding mower is great, but stopping in the middle of your garden or backyard isn’t that great. Riding lawn mowers are heavy, so pushing them will be hard. Riding lawn mowers have different problems; you can fix them by looking into them.

Riding mower losing power is related to fuel at first. If the fuel is low and as it finishes, the mower loses power. If the power of the mower is lost, then the carburetor will probably have some kind of issue.

A blocked fuel filter will decrease the power of the mower. The spark plug isn’t giving current at all. A clogged cutting deck can also have your mower lose power. See more below.

Fuel level

If the fuel in the mower is too low, it will lose power very fast as you start the mower. The mower will shut down when the fuel is low as the power is received from burning fuel in the mower. If you see the oil getting low, it’s better to add the oil to the mower.

The power of the mower is lost as the fuel being burned gets low. The low fuel ends up getting all used up, and the mower stops. Check the given amount of fuel by the supplier and add that much to the tank.

If the mower has full fuel and is still losing power, check the fuel level. The recommended amount of fuel can be seen on the guide, and the amount you poured in can be seen in the tank.

If the oil exceeds the limit, then the mower losing power is caused by too much fuel. If there is too much fuel, take the extra amount of fuel out of the mower’s fuel tank.

Fuel filterFuel filter

If the amount of fuel in the tank is correct, but the mower still loses power as you engage the blades, then check if the fuel is reaching the components or not.

The fuel filter’s job is not to let contaminants reach the tank. If you have fuel but see the mower losing power, then the fuel filter may have been clogged, causing the fuel not to reach the engine, and it’s failing the mower.

If the fuel filter is clogged and is causing fuel distortion, then you can clean the fuel filter to let the fuel reach the engine. If the filter looks like it cannot be cleaned, then replacing the fuel filter is a great idea. Having fuel, the engine will surely work.

Clogged carburetor

If the fuel is reaching correctly from the tank d from the fuel filter, then the carburetor is the fuel problem you should be worried about. If the carburetor gets blocked, then fuel transfer will also get distorted, and you will see that the engine won’t work and the mower loses power.

If there are oil leaks or gas leaks in another case, then the carburetor is likely to get blocked by them. If the carburetor is blocked, spraying a little carb cleaner will help clean it. You can detach the carb if spraying from far isn’t enough.

Bad spark plugBad spark plug

If the carburetor is clean and the fuel is exactly without the fuel filter being blocked, your spark plug may be bad. Here spark plug being bad means two things.

First, the spark plug is damaged, and second, the spark plug is dirty. If the spark plug is bad, then check the spark plug.

The damaged spark plug may have visible cracks in it. In case the s[ark plug is damaged, replace it. If the spark plug isn’t damaged but just dirty or clogged, then cleaning the spark plug from debris is fine.

The last word

If the mower is failing because of losing power, check all the components that give power to the mower. Start with the furl and then to the parts supplying the fuel.

Check the current and the fans if the mower doesn’t work. Tearing and dull blades also affect the mower’s power, so fix them by replacing them. Thanks for reading.

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