Replace heating element in oven

Replace heating element in oven. If an oven is not heating up and fielded to do its job, it is probably because of the defective heating element.

The heating element is the main component in the oven to generate heat if it breaks, the oven stops baking or cooking the food.

So, if your cake is not baking or the roast is not frying, then there is less heat or no heat-producing in the oven, and you will have to check the heating element, whether it is a culprit or some other component in the unit is broken.

Luckily, it is not difficult to open the back panel and test and replace the oven’s heating element if you have average experience. So keep reading this article to know all the detailed steps to test and replace the oven’s heating element.

Replace heating element in ovenReplace heating element in oven 2022

An electric oven depends on the heating element to generate the heat inside the unit. In most models, two heating elements are installed one at the top of the unit and the second at the bottom.

If any of these become defective for any reason, then you can replace them this way. But before you start your work, you must have the essential tools like hand gloves, a screwdriver to open the nuts, and needle-nose piler.

1. Shut off the power supply

Before you repair the oven’s heating element or any appliance, ensure to shut off the power supply. In this case, if you inspect that the unit is not producing enough heat, press the power off button and pull out the power cord from the outlet.

2. Let the heating element cool down

You know that there is a lot of heat inside the unit when you bake some food in the heat. If you are willing to change the defective heating element, it is better to wait for one hour so that the heating element cools down and you can easily touch it.

3. Detach the back panelDetach the back panel

In most ovens, a metal cover is installed at the bottom of the unit to protect the heating element. Drag it up and separate it up from its position.

4. Open the screws of the heating element

Now wear the gloves and one of the screws of the faulty heating element with the help of a flat head screwdriver. You will open the screws from the front and back sides to separate the heating element from the oven.

After opening the screws, you need to place them properly so they are not lost; after all, you must re-fix the new heating element.

5. Let out the fixed brackets of the element

In some models, extra brackets are fixed with bolts. Check the procedure and separate the brackets that are clasping the heating element in place.

6. Slowly pull out the element

It is easy to pull out the element because it is loose, so pull it out gently and slowly. You can not drag out the element entirely because it is attached to the wires, and you need to disconnect the wires, also known as wire harnesses. It is a clip that attaches the element to the oven.

7. Disconnect the old element

After disconnecting the wire harness, it is now easy to take out the old element outside the oven. Now, it is your choice whether you want to throw away the old element in the bin or you want to recycle it.

8. Fix the heating element

You are set to fix the oven’s new heating element, so follow these steps.

  • First, place the new cement in its position so that it should be near the wires of the oven. It is essential because if you do not place it close to the wires, you can not connect them tightly.
  • Now attach the wire harness with the element. Line up the harness in this way that the groove ties up accurately.
  • Now place the mounting brackets in their position.
  • Lastly, tight the screws perfectly at their respective position so that the heating element does not change its position when you bake the food in the unit. Place the metal cover in its position.

9. Check the new element

Now it’s time to check your work. Plug in the cord in the electric socket and press the power button. You can place a glass of water inside the oven and inspect whether the oven is heating the water or not.

If the water warms up, you successfully changed the element, but if the issue is still there, you can hire a certified professional to inspect the oven and fix the trouble.

How to repair oven heating element replacement


The article’s bottom line is that it is not difficult to change the oven’s heating element if it becomes defective.

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