Pilot light is on but no hot water

Pilot light is on but no hot water. The pilot is a water heater, and you should use this heater for boiling or heating the water. This can heat the water in a good way, and these are power base heaters.

When power comes across it, you see that the heater starts working. It has a light on it, indicating that the heater is on and still in the working process.

If this light is not on, you have to check that there should be some issue with the heater that does not allow this to work.

Pilot light is on but no hot waterPilot light is on but no hot water 2022

In this case, the light on the heater is on, indicating that the power is coming to the heater, but the water is not hot. Do you think which are the reasons behind that activity?

There are causes of the problem that do not allow the water heater to heat the water whether the light is on. When you know about the reason, then you come to know the solutions. So some causes of the problems are given here:

Reason 1. Low voltage

The first and you may be told that the main reason behind the problem is that the light is on, but the heater is not heating the water is the low voltage. The low voltage can lid the light but do not turn the heater on and start working from it.

This is the reason, and you may not clear this reason as this is not possible for you to solve. You are not handling the electricity that you can own your home’s voltage speed to increase or decrease.

This problem can be solved by the honor who provides the light to you. If you do not have the full power or the speed of the power is slow, the light may be on, but the water does not get hot with this small amount of voltage.

Reason 2. ThermostatThermostat

There may be an issue with the thermostat that does not allow the water to heat. This is used to maintain the temperature at your home; when this thermostat observes the hotness near the heater.

That starts cooling the temperature and sets this to a moderate temperature. This action does not allow the water to make a high temperature and hot the water.

In the solution to this problem, you have to take the thermostat out from the water heater as this can disturb the working of the heater the heater is still on but do not heat the water because the thermostat made the temperature moderate and at moderate temperature, the water does not start heating.

Reason 3. Burner

Burner s the part of the heater that you may say is the essential part for the heater; when the burner is on, the water gets hot; otherwise, it is not. The burner’s issue stops all the work related to the heater. As the id burner does not start heating, the water does not get hot.Burner

In the solution to this problem, you can check the burner to see how it is working, and if it is not working well, it is not making the water hot. The problem with the burner is that the burner place is clogged, and the flame is not coming out from the burner.

So clean the burner, and you can come to know that after this process, your burner is working well, and the issue with the burner is solved.

Reason 4. The switch is not connected correctly

A problem occurs due to the power, and when you insert the switch to the power, you may not place it well. Any problem does not allow the switch to connect correctly in the switch and start working.

There may be an issue with the outlet and the switch that does not allow the switch to work. Sometimes this is the issue related to power, but sometimes this is your mistake.

We are in a hurry and have not placed the switch precisely, and this is the cause that the power is not supplying properly to the heater.

The solution to this problem is that you have to place the switch in the outlet correctly as there is not any issue come in the working of the heater.

The whole working of the heater depends on the switch; when your switch is placed well and connects with the power, supply good power to the heater and allow the heater to work well and hot the water soon.

Reason 5. Nuts are loose from the inner

Some nuts are used for the connection of the wires in the heater. When these nuts get loose, the connection of the wires also gets loose.

This thing does not allow the heater to heat the water; when the connection is disturbed, then the heater’s connection also gets disturbed and does not allow the water to get hot.

Check and balance is the thing that can stop the error; when you check things with a proper routine, then you observe that there is an error, and when you find out the error, then you come to know that what is the way to solve it.

Take the screwdriver to tighten the nuts that are the cause of disturbance in your working and check the wires that are connected through it, and if there is any issue, then you can solve this and then tight the nuts.

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