Keurig still says descale after descaling

Keurig still says descale after descaling. Nowadays, the market is full of a variety of coffee-making machines. Keurig machine is an example of the best coffee maker available in the market.

Here we are going to discuss the Keurig coffee maker and problems related to it. Descale is the feature/ function of the Keurig machine that helps us to find when the Keurig machine needs cleaning.

The descale light indicates or gives you a signal that your Keurig needs to descale for the next use. Descale Light is a notification that occurs when usually water flow is blocked.

What if Keurig still says descale after descaling? It happens in some cases that after descaling, Keurig still indicates that you need to descale.

We are going to discuss in detail that what methods you can follow to eliminate the descaling notification.

Keurig still says descale after descaling (How To Fix)

Keurig still says descale after descaling

When descale signal appears, your machine needs cleaning. cleaning your Keurig machine will fix the problem. What if it still says descale after descaling?

Why is the Keurig descaling light on?

It happens when some particles are stuck in inner parts, usually clogging. Clogging can even stop your machine from working.  Descale light informs you that clogs should be delt. Clean the machine to remove clogs, and once it is cleaned, it will remove the descale light signal.

Another reason might be possible that the cup you are using for Keurig does not properly fit your Keurig machine. Or if it is reused? that causes the problem with sticky particles.

How to Fix the descale light problem?

Some methods help remove the descaling light signal. The first method is Cleaning the machine properly.

  • Turn of the Keurig machine, making sure the Keurig machine has no contact with power.
  • In the second step, empty the water filter inside the Keurig, And remove it.
  • Take Keurig’s descaling solution and pure it inside the machine to remove any clogs.
  • Take a cup and put it under the machine, now turn on the Keurig machine.
  • Pour the water into the sink.
  • Turn on the brewer and wait.
  • Rinse the water reservoir, make sure it’s empty.

How to fix Keurig still says descale after descaling?

If the descale light is still on, repeat the process until the descale signal goes off. Check if your reusable cup has any sticky particles, clean it, and again use.

How Often Should I Descale My Keurig Machine?

descaling your Keurig machine depends on how often you are using your Keurig machine. Most of the experts recommend that every three months you should descale your Keurig machine. But in case if you are using it more than the average time, it needs to be descaled even more often.


Keurig still says descale after descaling. Keurig machines are the most loveable coffee makers, admired by many consumers. It is suggested by experts, that you should clean your machine more often. Descale your machine every three months for better performance and hassle-free use.

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