Installing a lintel in existing brickwork

Installing a lintel in existing brickwork. A lintel is a support that is primarily used in homes to give strength to the walls and this is the type of beam which is used the support the walls that are enough in height and there is any fear of the break in the wall.

You should place the lint in the wall to keep it strong and prevent it from breaking. Lintels are mostly used between the doors and the windows top and the walls that are associated with them. Here is the query related to the installation of the lintel in the existing brickwork.

Installing a lintel in existing brickworkInstalling a lintel in existing brickwork 2022

Installing the lintel in the existing brickwork, you just have the lintel and some tools that are used for the installation of the lintels.

This is very easy but in case you have an idea about it, its idea is very important to proceed in the work. The tools that are required for the lintels are the following:

  1. A lintel (which you choose to set on your wall, whether it is of steel, stones, bricks, cement type material, etc.)
  2. a drilling machine
  3. a measuring tape
  4. a marker to make the marks on the wall to cut
  5. another machine which is usually used for the cutting of the tiles and bricks etc.
  6. A bucket of water
  7. Cement used for repairing the wall

Step 1: Gather tools

The first thing that is used for the installation of the lintel in the brickwork is you have to gather tools that are used in the process. Tool gathering is very important as they are near to you and you do not need to face trouble to find them and then use them.

If they are near to me then this is very helpful. Above discussed all tools are very important to complete the work if anything is missing then you have to search and take it with you if you want the installation of the lintel.

Step 2: Take the machine and start work

Before taking the machine you have to take the lintel and measure it and after this, you have to take the machine and start working here first you have to cut the wall from where you want to install the lintel and this is not possible if ou does not have the machine.

Which is used for the cutting of the wall and prepare it to insert the lintel in the brickwork wall. Cut the wall in the marks that you have made on the wall for cutting.

Step 3: Insert the lintel and checkInsert the lintel and check

When your cutting of the wall going to complete then you should insert the lintel to that place and check what is the position. If the lintel is come completely in the brickwork wall and is adjusted properly then you should proceed next.

If there is any issue so remove the lintel from the wall and take the drilling machine and set the place from where it is creating an issue.

Step 4: Place the lintel

You have to place and adjust the lintel to the wall as it sets properly in the wall and does not create any issue for you next time.

Remind this thing the proper placement and adjustment of the lintel is necessary as it disturbs one time it does not sets next time and always cause of the issue and it may also damage the wall in which you are installing and it does s opposite thing for you, you placed or install it for the safety of the wall and it damages your wall and creates more issue for you.

Step 5: Close the wall

After proper placement and adjustment, you have to close the open part of the wall completely. This is the right place where you have to use the water, bucket, and cement, and the tool which is used to adjust the cement in the wall.

Now take the water and put it in the bucket and add cement to it and make a solution, when this solution is ready used it for the sealing of the wall which you have open for the installation of the lintel in the brickwork wall.

Now your lintel is installed in the wall and you are free now as you have completed your work. Now you should take some rest and after this rest, you have to gather and clean the things that are used in the whole process. Have a good day. Thank you!.


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