Sump Pump vs French Drain

Sump Pump vs French Drain. Sometimes the wet surface or basements can cause many problems. And if the water stands for a long period of time it may affect the wood products that are in your basement.

Because that excess water includes the termites which are bad for wood products. And to get rid of that you have to install the sump pump or french drain to your house to get away from this problem.

Sump Pump VS French DrainSump Pump VS French Drain 2022

There are the following benefits that both the sump pump and french drain can provide to you:

Sump Pump


The sump pump is defined as the pump which is used to remove the excess water from the basements where the water connections are connected. They are also used for prevention of the wet surface. The sump pump is used to remove the water from basements and free it in the land area.

The sump pump also contains two different types:

1: Pedestal sump pump.

2: Submersible sump pump.

The pedestal sump pump is motors that are connected above the sump they are very good to remove all the water and help to remove the excess dirt caused by the water.

On the other hand, The submersible sump pump is also very useful they can also remove the water very fast and also help to not damage the electric circuits.


The sump pump is used to manage the excess water in the basements. They are installed in the lower area and the lowest point of the basements and if there is any water coming they run towards that area. Mostly the sump pump is connected to those areas where the water is always collected.

The sump pump has the float switch which gets activated when the water is above then a certain area. The pump starts on and sucks all the water out of the house with the help of a pipe.


On the other hand, they also have many disadvantages that are the sump pump is used to run with electricity and if there is rain with storm and you are run out of power then the sump pump will not work.

And if that happens you must get ready for the flood because they quickly get affected sometimes so you have to check them whenever the water is standing in your basement.

French Drain


The french drain also known as the weeping tiles they are installed in the basements area of your house and redirected to the surface area and helps the groundwater away from your area. The french drain is used to prevent away the ground and the surface water from the building foundation.

They are also used to divide the water and distribute the water into the septic tank. The french drain is installed behind the wall to release the groundwater pressure easily.


The french drain is used as the underground water drainage system. They are mostly dug inside the foundation of the house or the buildings.

If the water is collected in the basements it quickly drains out of the house or the building through the pipe. The french drain can be used in the building or any shop easily.


The french drain has also a disadvantage in that the french drain can be clogged easily when there is heavy rain or flood. As the water is excess out they also take the dirt with it through which take mud with it which may the reason behind the clog which prevent the water flow from the pipe.

the french drain should be installed by the professionals because they are installed inside the foundation floor.

French Drain with Sump Pump, where to install and why


If you want to remove the water from your house you need to install either a sump pump or a french drain. The french drain channel the water where the sump pump is used to such the water quickly out of the house with the help of the pipe. Both have their own importance and value both have many advantages and as well as some disadvantages which are given to you in the above article.

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