How to wash Patagonia down jacket

How to wash Patagonia down jacket. It isn’t easy to survive without warm clothes, especially warm overcoats and down jackets if you live in an area full of snow and shallow temperature.

People who live in cold environments are familiar with down jackets. They are best to have in cold winters to warm the body. However, like other fabrics, when you walk outside wearing Patagonia down jacket, it will naturally get dirty due to snow and dirt.

So, if you are here, it means you are searching for the best tips for wash Patagonia down jacket without destroying it. I have been using down jackets for three years and have some skills in washing the jacket with an easy cleaning method.

  • Ready the jacket
  • Zip up all zippers
  • Add cleaning detergent
  • Set the washing machine
  • Dry the jacket in a dryer machine

So, if you want the best way to wash the down jacket without damage, read this article and follow the tips.

How to wash Patagonia down jacketwash Patagonia down jacket

Patagonia jackets are the best brands to wear in cold weather to survive, but if you do not wah them properly, they are damaged after some time.

Therefore, many people feel nervous about washing their down jackets because you can wash jeans easily but can wash the down jacket easily, so they have to pay extra laundry bills to wash the jacket.

Ready the jacket

The first thing to do before you put your jacket into the washing machine for the cleaning cycle is ready the jacket.

Check all pockets of the jacket because if you forget to check the pockets and there is some money and important notes, they will also wash with the jacket, so don’t forget to empty the pockets.Ready the jacket

Next, zip up all zippers in the jackets, close the hook and loop tape and put your jacket into the washing machine.

Add detergent

After putting the jacket into the machine, it’s time to run the wash cycle. You can add the best available detergent powder to the machine, but I suggest you use specially prepared washing powder to wash the down jacket.

The main question is how much detergent is sufficient to wash the down jacket? Don’t worry. Read the label mentioned on the detergent bottle. All the details are written on the bottle, including which brand needs how much cleaning powder to wash.

Set the washing machineSet the washing machine

Now, it’s all set to run the machine. It’s very important to know that you can not wash the down jacket in standard washing machine settings.

You have to change the settings on the machine because when you wash the down jacket in the washer, there should be no other fabric in the tub.

  • You are washing just one down jacket in the washing machine, so set the size of the load to a small load.
  • A down jacket is always washed in cold water instead of warm water so set the machine to cold.
  • Now, start the washer on a regular cleaning cycle.
  • When the first cleaning cycle completes, do not pull out your jacket from the tub.
  • Start the wash cycle again for proper cleaning of the down jacket.

Dry the jacket

Pull out the down jacket from the washing machine when the wash cycle completes. If you have a dryer machine, you can quickly dry the jacket without wasting time.Dry the jacket

However, if you do not have a dryer, you can line dry the jacket at the wire in the sunshine. If drying the jacket in a dryer machine, add two tennis balls to the tub and set the dryer machine on low heat with a normal time setting.


The final words of this article are if you don’t know how to wash a Patagonia down jackets, this article will surely help you to find the best and easy way to wash the down jacket.

Always wash the down jacket in cold water and small load settings. After cleaning the jacket in the washing machine, it’s your choice if you have a dryer machine, then dry out the jacket in the dryer.

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