How to use Wusthof knife sharpener

How to use Wusthof knife sharpener. If you are cutting meat or butter and your knife is not cutting fast, it is very frustrating because if you work in a bakery and have to cut a lot of meat or butter, you can not finish your work on time.

It is essential to sharpen your knife after some days because fats are stuck on its blade, making it dull. You can not cut the meat with a dull knife. There are a lot of tools used to sharpen a knife. You can use a stone to sharpen the knife.

Wusthof knife sharpener is an excellent device because you can use it for sharpening knives. Using the Wusthof knife sharpener is effortless because it requires easy strokes to sharpen the knife.

If you are here on this page, then it means you have a Wusthof knife sharpener, but you don’t exactly know how to use it. So, keep reading this article to know the best way to sharpen the knife with a Wusthof knife sharpener.

How to use Wusthof knife sharpener
use the Wusthof knife sharpener

Before you start, use a Wusthof knife sharpener to sharpen the knife.

  • Make sure the knife is not wet because if you try to sharpen the wet knife, it will not be easily possible. So, dry the knife before you start your task.
  • Clean the dust and debris from the knife. If you try to sharpen the dirty knife, it will make the knife sharpener dirtier. Fill a pot full of hot water and put some vinegar in it. Place it for ten minutes and then clean it with a towel.

Adjusting sharpener

It is essential to adjust the Wusthof knife sharpener properly; if you are in a kitchen, then adjust the machine at the counter because it is a smooth and well-made place.

You can manage the angle on the angle of the knife. If the sharper is not adjusted at a smooth place, you can not do your task easily.

Gripping the knifeGripping the knife

If your right hand is dominant, hold the knife with your left hand. If your left hand is the dominant hand, then grip the knife with your left hand. It is essential because if you hold the knife in that hand which is not your dominant hand, you can not grip it perfectly.

It would help if you gripped the knife in such a position as you are cutting the knife sharpener while holding the knife sharpener’s handle with another hand.

Lining up the knife

After accurately holding the sharper knife, place your knife on the sharpener ideally. Two sharp blades are fixed on the Wusthof knife sharpener that bisects each other.Lining up the knife

Now pass the knife on the sharpener blade at a right angle and perfect position. If you do not rest the knife on the sharper blade accurately, the knife will not get sharp accurately.

If you grip the knife perfectly, you will obviously get a dull blade other than a right angle.

Glide the knife

Now, the last step is to sharpen the knife. After placing the knife at a right angle on the sharper blade, now keep in mind two points if you want to do your job perfectly.

First, sharpen the knife in one path and put less pressure on the knife. The second point to remember is to pull the knife from the base to the top.

If you are sewering the knife blade backward and forwards, then it is dangerous for your knife blade, so don’t try sawing the blade in such a way. Just pull the knife from the base to the tip in the right angle position.

Do again till required sharpness

It is not compulsory to sharpen the knife on the Wusthof knife sharpener for some time only. You can sharpen the knife fully sharpen the knife blade.

It just depends on the dullness of your blade. If your knife blade is dull and rusted, repeat the process a few times, but if your blade seems reasonable, just do it four to five times. Remember one thing that does not put extra pressure on the knife; it just requires slight pressure.

The final word

The article concludes that if your knife blade is dull and you want to sharpen it to cut fruit or meat quickly, then the Wusthof knife sharpener is the best tool to use.

If you don’t know how to use a Wusthof knife sharpener, this article is best for you because I have described all the points in detail for your help.

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