How To Stop Smoke Detector From Chirping Without Battery

How To Stop Smoke Detector From Chirping Without Battery. There is a push-in button known as the Hush button on the smoke detector. If you press the hush button, then you’ll see that the alarm will shut up. Holding the test button for 15 seconds will drain all the detector power.

Grilling barbecue inside the apartment wasn’t a great idea. Though I had taken the battery of the smoke detector out beforehand, it still kept chirping. I didn’t know how it was even being powered to chirp without the battery.

Later, I discovered that there is a secondary battery inside the smoke detector for backup, and you need to press the reset button to turn it off. Other things, like dust, cause chirping as well.

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How To Stop Smoke Detector From Chirping Without BatteryHow To Stop Smoke Detector From Chirping

The smoke detector without the battery can chirp after removing the battery. This is because of the backup battery present in the smoke detector. The backup battery powers when the primary battery is dead or removed.

Dust can cause the smoke detector to chirp even without the battery. The battery isn’t the only reason causing the chirping of the smoke detector, but dust and debris cause the smoke detector chirping too.

Sunlight and faulty alarm can start the chirping of some detector without a genuine reason. Tripped breakers affect the circuit breakers too. Residual charge in the capacitor and circuit because of the old battery can cause the chirping too. Lack of detector maintenance can activate the detector too.

Backup battery

Battery-based smoke detectors shouldn’t work without the aid of a battery. If the smoke detector gives beeps while the battery isn’t inserted, the reason can be the backup battery built within the smoke detector.

The backup battery is fixed, but you can remove it. The backup battery may be affected by the smoke and then turned on.

The case of a backup battery is related only to the hard-wired smoke detectors. The smoke detectors that are only on the battery won’t chirp because of the backup battery.

This is because no backup batteries exist in the battery-only devices. Thus, battery-only detectors have other reasons for chirping rather than backup batteries.

Back to hard-wired detectors, the backup battery shows its presence when there is some fault with the smoke detecting unit r the backup battery itself. The battery can also be pre-activated, meaning it had turned on before, but it’s only showing signs as the battery is running out of power.

If you want to end the chirping quickly, you can press the Hush button, and in 15 seconds, the battery will be drained. Replace the battery later. The dead backup battery itself can cause the chirping issue.

The battery can die with a continuous supply too. It may get too much power, and it may stop forever. Let’s replace the backup battery.

Remove the two screws on the side of the smoke detector. Take the battery compartment out by pulling it. Check battery and change with compatible and similar battery. Insert the box and then use the same screws to close it. You’ll hear ringing for some time until all issues are apparent.

Unstable power

Smoke detectors that are hard-wired get power from the main board. The discontinuous or pulsing energy causes the alarm to go off and thus chirp. The discontinuous change is caused because of faulty outlets and breakers.

Change the faulty outlets and breakers to get a smooth flow to the smoke detector and press the reset button. The chirping won’t happen with a smooth connection without reason.

Cables problemCables problem

Internally, the cables or the smoke detectors can get damaged and the out wires too. Replacing the lines will immediately stop the chirps.

If not, the Hush button and resetting the controller will work. If cables are just damaged, you can fix them with tape.

The last word

The chirping sounds can be instantly resolved with the Hush button. The Hush button drains the second battery power in just 15 seconds and if the idea battery is the problem, replacing and resetting the alarm after the new battery will cover the voice.

You can remove debris and dust from the smoke detectors to clear the chirp. Replacing the backup battery will deal with the chirping backup battery sound.

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