How to remove wall tiles without damaging plasterboard

How to remove wall tiles without damaging plasterboard. If you plan to remove wall tiles without damaging the plasterboard, you are on the right page because this informative article will surely help you.

Mostly, we fix tiles on the kitchen and bathroom walls. If these tiles are worn out and damaged, and you want to fix them with new tiles, then you need to separate the previous tiles. It is challenging and time-consuming because tiles are fixed close to each other. You can do it in this way.

  • Readying the washroom
  • Remove the cement
  • Use a swinging tool
  • Detach the tiles

If you try to remove the wall tiles roughly, all the tiles will be broken, damaging the plasterboard. This article will help remove the tiles without damaging the dashboard if you are a certified professional.

How to remove wall tiles without damaging plasterboardremove wall tiles without damaging plasterboard

Whether you plan to change the tiles from the walls is easy or difficult; it depends on the paste you used to fix the tiles. If your tiles are too old, removing them will be very challenging because old tiles were fixed with a thick layer of paste.

Still, newly fixed tiles are comparatively easy to remove because nowadays, people install tiles with a thin layer of adhesive.

However, let us move forward to steps on how to remove wall tiles without damaging the plasterboard in the bathroom.

Readying the washroom

If you want to remove the tiles in the bathroom, then remove all the things from the bathroom before you start your work. Nothing should be in the bathroom like a bucket, mirror, toothbrush holder, soap, towel, etc.

If you do not remove these things from the bathroom, then you can not work freely, and also, these bathroom things will be destroyed with a layer of dust.

If you are removing kitchen tiles, remove all electrical appliances from the kitchen so that dust does not affect them.

Plastic sheets are best to attach to the doors and windows so that the dust does not spread to the remaining parts of the home.

Remove the cement

If you are removing the wall tiles and are willing to save the plasterboard, then the best way is to remove the cement first.

Because if you remove the cement from the tiles, you can easily remove the tiles. It depends on the cement or adhesive and how much it is difficult to remove the cement.

Use a swinging toolUse a swinging tool

If strong cement is used in tiles, you will have to use a swinging tool to drag the cement from the tiles.

Watchfully cutting the cement would be best because a slight mistake can injure your hands. Continue your work till all the cement from the tiles is removed.

Detach the tiles

In the final steps, it depends on you whether you want to discard the tiles or you want to save expensive tiles.

If You want to save the tiles, you must work carefully on detaching tiles. Some tiles are costly, so it is better not to damage the maximum tiles. You can install those tiles at some other place in the home and change the look.

But, if you want to pull out the bathroom tiles, take a knife and start to pull out the tiles one by one but ensure not to damage the plasterboard.

Before separating the tile, wear gloves and glasses to protect yourself. Now take a knife, slide it below the corner of the tile, and strike it in the tile. Do it frequently from all sides of the tile and try to separate it evenly.

Repeat the process to pull out the tiles. After removing all tiles from the wall, now inspect the plasterboard wall. I am hopeful that if you follow these steps, there will be no harm to the plasterboard wall.


The final words on this topic are if you are planning to remove the old tiles from the bathroom or kitchen walls, then do it carefully and evenly so that there should be no damage to the plasterboard wall.

You can not do this task until you are certified because if you do not know how to separate the tiles, you can damage the plasterboard.

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