How to remove sweat stains from pillowcases

How to remove sweat stains from pillowcases. If you habitually use oil in your hair, your pillowcases will be dirty because of oil stains. It is very annoying to see sweat stains on the pillowcases because they do not give a good impression to the guest.

It also becomes difficult to remove the yellow stains from the pillowcases while washing them in the washing machine. Another drawback is that if you wash the dirty pillowcases with the other white clothes in the washing machine, the stains spoil the other clothes also.

You can apply different techniques to detach the sweat stains from pillowcases like vinegar, baking soda, borax, oxygen bleach, etc. You can make a cleaning solution of any ingredient to clear the sweat stains.

If you are here, then it means your pillowcases are also stained, so don’t leave this page because this informative article will help you with how you can remove sweat stains from the pillow.

How to remove sweat stains from pillowcasesremove sweat stains from pillowcases

Pillowcases cover the pillows and give them a stylish look, but it is essential to clear the sweat and oil stains from them.

If you want to save your pillowcases from swat stains, then dry the hair before you go to bed for sleep. If you do not dry the hairs, then wet hairs will enter the moisture in the pillowcases and make them dirty with sweat stains.

It is important to use hot water to wash clothes and pillowcases because the hot water solution quickly removes sweat stains compared to cold water. Let’s read about the various techniques you can use to get rid of sweat stains from pillowcases.

Use white vinegar

White vinegar is a vital cleaning agent used to remove stains from any kind of surface and fabric. It is readily available in every kitchen. Now, if your pillowcases are dirty because of sweat stains, then you can remove the stains in this way.

  • Soak up the pillowcases in hot boiled water for three to four hours.
  • If you want a good result, boil the water and soak the pillowcases for the whole night.
  • Boil the water and make a solution of vinegar and hot water in a bucket.
  • Now pour this vinegar solution and soak pillowcases in the washing machine.
  • Run a cycle of washer and weight for the complete cycle.
  • After the drainage of the water, you can check the results.
  • Hopefully, all the stains are removed. If some sweat stains are left, then you can repeat the process.

Use baking sodaUse baking soda

If white vinegar is not available, then you can also use baking soda instead of it. Baking soda is also a cleaning ingredient obtainable in the market at a low price.

The method is the same as white vinegar. Just keep in mind to use hot boiled water to soak the clothes and during washing in the machine.

The stains are not easily removed from the cold water; therefore, hot water is used in the washing cycle.

Use lemon juice

Using lemon juice is also a natural technique to remove sweat stains from pillowcases and clothes. Make a solution of lemon juice and water in a bucket and soak the pillowcases for two to three hours.

Afterward, you can wash the pillowcases with your hands or the washing machine.

Use salt

If you have no other cleaning agent, you can also use ordinary salt. There is no kitchen in which salt is not present. Make a hot water and salt solution and soak the pillowcases for some time. Now wash the fabric until all the sweat stains are removed.

Prevent to use of bleach

If stains are not removed from the white sheets and pillowcases, then the reason could be that you are using chlorine bleach.

If you utilize chlorine bleach to wash the clothes in the washing machine, immediately stop using it because it not only destroys the clothes’ quality but also ruins the fabric.

How To Get Yellow Stains Out Of Pillowcases


The final thoughts on this article are if your pillowcases are getting dirty due to white satins, then stop using the oil in the hair and lotions on your face before you go to sleep for bed.

But, if your pillowcases are dirty due to seat stains, then you can use a different cleaning agent, but the most important thing is to use hot water in the washing cycle.

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