Getting oil out of suede

Getting oil out of suede. Suede is natural leather, but it is not long-lasting; if you know some cleaning techniques, you can use the suede shoes for a long time by removing the stains and making them soft.

Preventing your suede shoes or jacket from debris, dirt, and oil is necessary. If unfortunately, oil stains get stuck on the suede, then you can remove them through these ways.

  • Softly massage the stain with fabric.
  • Use pencil eraser

Suppose you get oil stains on the suede shoes; massage or rub them with the fabric softly. If the stain is removed quickly, it is good, but if it is still there, you can also use a pencil eraser to remove the stains.

If you are here and reading these lines, your suede shoes or jacket is spoiled with oil stains. Keep reading this page to learn how to quickly get rid of oil stains on the suede shoes or jackets.

Getting oil out of suedeGetting oil out of suede 2022

Suede is a good leather brand, but you will have to take a lot of care because it is not very durable. You can remove the oil stains from the suede by yourself also, and there is no need to pay money to someone to clean the oil out of shoes or jackets.

Clean the oil stains with soap

It is an easy way to clean the oil from the jacket.

  • If the oil is dropped on the jacket in front of you, then place a paper towel on it without wasting any time.
  • It will soak up maximum oil, and oil will not move further to damage the jacket.
  • After soaking up the oil stain from the jacket, put dish soap on the stain for 20 minutes.
  • Keep in mind to avoid using too much dish soap because you will also have to clear it from the jacket.
  • After 20 minutes, take a brush or toothbrush and gently rub it on the stain. If you rub it hard, then it can damage the leather.
  • Rubbing works the soap into oil stains.
  • The jacket will be better and clean when you will finish your work.
  • After cleaning the jacket with a brush, you can use a soft fabric to clean the leather because washing it with water can damage the jacket.

Use a pencil eraser

You can also remove the oil stains with a pencil eraser. If the oil stain is stuck on the suede shoes, then first of all, softly rub it with the help of a cloth. After rubbing it for five minutes, now take a pencil eraser and start to apply it to the oil stains to clear from the shoes.

Put cornstarch on the oil stain.

Last month, my suede shoes were stuck with oil stains. I was worried because I recently purchased them. Then my friend advised me to use cornstarch. This method can also be applied in this way.

Take a cotton cloth, pours its tip into cornstarch, and apply it to the oil stain. Leave the cornstarch on the oil stain for 2 to 3 hours. It will absorb the oil from the suede.

After two hours, you can brush it lightly to remove the remaining oil out of the suede shoes.

Use a vinegarUse a vinegar

Sometimes, if the oil stains are not cleaned with the eraser or cornstarch, you can also try to apply vinegar to the oil stain. White vinegar is a beneficial cleaning agent readily available in the kitchen.

  • First of all, clean the stained shoes with the help of a cloth.
  • Now pour the small quantity of vinegar into the bowl and dip the cloth.
  • Scrub the oil stain on the suede shoes or jacket with a cloth.
  • Rub it softly for ten minutes so that all the vinegar is absorbed in the stained area.
  • Wipe the oil area with a clean fabric to clear the vinegar.
  • If the oil is cleared from the area, you can use the shoes again, but if some oil stains are still there, you can repeat the process until all the oil is removed.

Removing Oil stains on suede


This article’s final words are that if there are oil stains on your suede leather shoes or jacket, you don’t need to throw them out of the home because you can easily clean the stained area with minor effort. I am sure the technique written in this article will surely help out you to get oil out of suede.

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