How to make popcorn without a microwave

How to make popcorn without a microwave. Microwave popcorn is delectable refreshment for anyone without consideration of a specific age. But a combination of having popcorn in a cinema has another level of vibes.

But if you are a popcorn lover or making a plan to watch a movie with your loved ones, then having popcorn will surely double the excitement of the movie in a complete cinema environment.

Well, if you don’t have popcorn near you or don’t have a microwave to prepare popcorn, don’t worry. We will never let you down your excitement by not having popcorn.

So, if you want a simple, easy, and helpful way to cook unpopped kernels, you will gain assistance in the following article with different methods. So here you go.

How to make popcorn without a microwave

In the following article, you can proceed with any method suitable for making popcorn without a microwave.

Steps To Make Popcorn Using Stovetop

So, if you have already purchased microwave popcorn, the process of making popcorn must be uncomplicated, as the packaging contains the kernels, seasoning, and oil. So the only thing you have to do is follow a quick cooking procedure.Steps To Make Popcorn Using Stovetop

Here are the steps you can follow to make popcorn on a stovetop.

  • So, you require a 2-quart saucepan containing a lid. It would be better if the lid had a built-in hole for releasing the stream.
  • Take out the microwave popcorn packet and bring all the items, including popcorn, oil, and seasoning.
  • Pour oil and popcorn into the pan.
  • Pouring additional oil into the pan is another choice, so if you want, go for it.
  • Ignite the stove from average to high temperature or flame.
  • Stir the pan with a gap of a few seconds. A gap of 10 seconds will be enough.
  • Place the pan on the stove until you don’t become sure that all the popcorn is cooked.
  • Take the pan off from the pan and pour them into a different dish.
  • Sprinkle seasoning if you want.

We hope the following method will help you to make the popcorn without any hurdles. Shake the pan often to cook the middle popcorn. If you find the method compatible with you, proceed with it. Otherwise, you may go with another one.

Steps To Make Popcorn With Open Fire

The following method is tricky as you will cope with an open fire for making microwave popcorn. But it might be possible that you are having fun in a natural place or tenting.

Then the following procedure will help you make popcorn in a beautiful place using an open fire. Be careful not to burn your hands or may use fire-resistant gloves. The steps you need to follow are given below.

  • The first thing goes first, you are required coals of burning wood for cooking as well.
  • We are not using any pot here, so you require disposable aluminum foil to prepare the popcorn.
  • Put the popcorn into the aluminum foil, and don’t forget to add oil or butter.
  • Curve the aluminum foil from the middle and fold it from the other open sides.
  • Secure the aluminum bag with a wooden stick.
  • Keep the bag over burning coils, but remember, don’t put the bag into the fire. It will not give you the desired results and can burn your snacks.
  • Let the foil on the coils until they can’t prepare entirely.
  • Bring your popcorn bag with the stick and wait to open it until the aluminum temperature turns normal.
  • Sprinkle seasoning if you want.

Steps To Make Popcorn Using Toaster Oven

Here is another method to make microwave popcorn in a toaster oven. Listening to it at first can surprise you, but it can be possible if you follow the instructions carefully.Steps To Make Popcorn Using Toaster Oven

Here are the steps you require.

  • So if you want to cook popcorn in the toaster oven, you need to flick on it to warm it up at  400-450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Unpack the microwave popcorn and bring out the items that come with packing.
  • Now, take an oven-safe dish or bowl and put the popcorn in it.
  • After pouring all the relevant items into the bowl, wrap it with aluminum foil.
  • Wait for the popcorn to pop fully.
  • Bring out the bowl, unfold the foil and enjoy your delicious popcorn.

Steps To Cook Popcorn On Grill

There are two ways of cooking popcorn on the grill. Read both of them and go with any of it you find an easy tackle. Procedures are mentioned below.


  • To cook popcorn on grills, you are required to use an iron skillet but ensure that the skillet will not make any obstruction while closing the grill lid.
  • Put the kernels into the skillet and add oil. You can use any oil of your taste.
  • If the pot has its lid, use it for covering; otherwise may use aluminum foil for it.
  • It would be better to use the grill at medium temperature. Close the grill with its cover or lid.
  • You need to inspect the popping sound. Remove the lid and vibrate the skillet with tongs.
  • When popcorn stops sounding, remove it from the grill.
  • Transfer your snacks to another popcorn bag, dish or bowl.


  • So, you are required to use an aluminum foil pan to accomplish the procedure of popping popcorn.
  • Get ready with the microwave popcorn items and put them into the pan.
  • If you want to apply more oil, use it in the panel of the aluminum foil pan.
  • Using salt to taste is another option. You may also use the seasoning on the uncooked popcorn.
  • Place the aluminum pan into the oven after wrapping it with foil.
  • Adjust the grill heating to average, not too low or high. Shut its cover off.
  • You may also hear the popcorn popping sound. Stir the pan using kitchen tongs.
  • Flick the grill heat off when you hear a popping sound but don’t pick the pan until it stops making a popping popcorn sound.
  • Serve it in another dish and enjoy.


In the following article, you will be able to know the different ways of making microwave popcorn without a microwave. There are different methods, and you can go with any of them. Be careful while tackling the fire and ensure not to burn them using our guidelines.

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