How to install marble threshold

How to install marble threshold. Marble threshold is the thing that is the combination between the two edges that have gaps in them and we use a threshold to keep them join and eliminate the gap which is in it.

It plays the role just as the bridge plays for two edges of the river. Mostly this is used in the exact place of the door, at this place the inner floor is in the room and the other is out, that place is empty and this is the way where we use the threshold.

How to install marble thresholdHow to install marble threshold 2022

Installation of the threshold is necessary for the space that is in the door. Marble is the cause of the increase in the beauty of your home when you see it and also when you present it to your guests.

The way to install the threshold is the following you can easily do it.

Clean the area

You should clean the area where you want to install the Marble threshold. The cleaning and preparing of the area are essential for the work if the area is dirty then there is a big chance that your marble does not install stable.

The problem should occur in the way which you start working without cleaning the area. Clean the area thoroughly if there is any dirt in it then it is not good so another best idea is that you have to vacuum the area where you are going to install the marble threshold.

A clean surface is the guarantee of good work. If you don’t trust so try this and see the result which comes.

Check stability

You have to check the stability of the floor, when you have cleaned it then you should check the balance which is good for your floor. You have to level the area which you have prepared for the threshold.

If your area is not stable this represents that the threshold also gets stable and also not any crack in it. When your soil gets cracked this represents that your tiles also get cracked and this is very bad for your floor, marble, the ground, and also the tiles.

Level of the floorLevel of the floor

Level the floor, this is the next step after the checking of stability. Level means arranging the surface and making it smooth if there is any issue coming or any slope.

Clear all the slops and the ups and downs which are in the floor and disturb you in the arrangement of the marble tiles.

In this step you completely clear all the slopes and make the surface smooth which is best for the floor to attach the tiles it make the threshold.

Measure area and Marble

In this step, you have to measure the area where you want to install the threshold, not just the measurement of the area is important but you also measure the marble and then start working because anything you want to do you have the measurement necessary for it. If there is an issue with the measurement then during working this is not possible to set.

Before starting working you have to measure both thoroughly and clear all the issues which are with both of them. If there is any issue then nothing is best for it.

Cutting and arrangement

Cut and also arrange the marble at the place where you want to install the threshold. Without cutting the marble is not good to apply because there are some corners and also some extra or fewer spaces some are equal and some are not.

So cut the tiles of the marble and arrange them properly in their place which is the real place of both.

Before applying the attaching material you should imagine how they look and what is good for them if any issue is occurring in the arrangement of the tiles then you can arrange them in the way which is best for them to come in.

Apply Granite mortar

Granite mortar is the thing which is best for your tiles and they can be attached fully and also in a good way, first, you have to apply the mortar and then place the tiles on.

That surface and remind that you should clean the tiles before placing and attaching them if they attach without cleaning they can be pop out and this creates a problem for you and you need to reattach them.

Granite mortar is the best paste that is used for the placement and installation of the marble tiles for the threshold.

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