Greenworks pressure washer troubleshooting

Greenworks pressure washer troubleshooting. Greenworks are familiar with its pressure washer products. Their washer pressures are stable and reliable to use. You know that almost all appliances require maintenance to extend their life span.

Washer pressure also requires maintenance so that it can work efficiently. If you ignore their maintenance, it may create issues and affect their ideal performance.

If your GreenWorks pressure washer is creating any issues and you are worried about fixing it, then calm yourself, as you can fix it with accurate guideline.

If you are seeking pressure washer troubleshooting, then in the following guideline, you will get what you want. So stay with us and keep reading.

A Guide For Greenworks pressure washer troubleshooting

Greenworks pressure washer helps us do regular cleaning jobs, such as cleaning a garage, porch, garden, or entire house surface.

So, while doing your regular task with your pressure washer, it’s common to get issues that include won’t start the electric machine, leakage or blockage issues, or damaged outlets, hoses, or nozzle.Greenworks pressure washer

Any of the issues related to your Greenworks pressure washer require troubleshooting. You may find a lot of helpful information about pressure washer issues here.

Before jumping into solutions, you need to diagnose the issue of your pressure washer. It will help you to go through the solutions to the relevant problem.

Inspecting your machine thoroughly will help you to trigger the root cause. After knowing the exact issue, you may proceed with the steps of the relevant issue.

Greenworks Pressure Washer Issues, Reasons & Solutions

If you have detected the issue and want to know its reasons and solutions, you may follow the following guideline.

Issue#1. The Pressure Washer Won’t Start

Suppose you are ready to make some work with the pressure washer, and it fails to start. It just makes a humming sound but denies working.

If you are facing the won’t start to issue with your pressure washer, but don’t know its reason, then you need to know that the pressure washer usually acts like this when a power issue occurs.


If there is a power supply issue, you need to check whether its plug is firmly attached to the circuit board. Ensure the circuit board is not faulty; if so,n you may repair the board or use another outlet.

It would be better to check the power cord to see if it’s broken or have cracks or rust issue and replace it to fix the issue. It might be possible that the machine’s fuse burnt and created an issue; make a new fuse installment.

Issue#2. The Pressure Washer Starts & Stop Automatically

If your Greenworks washer pressure creates the issue of starting and stopping automatically, it annoys you with its work distortion, which requires fixing for smooth working.

Usually, this kind of situation occurs for two reasons: the worn-out trigger mechanism and leakage in the spray gun or pump.


So if the trigger mechanism is the culprit or the issue is due to a leaky pump or spray gun, then you may call Greenworks support and install new components.

Issue#3. The Pressure Washer Starts with No Water Out

Sometimes, the pressure washer doesn’t make any trouble while starting, but it disables to deliver water. You may hear the start pressure washer in the following issue.

The problem might occur if the machine is not getting water. The water supply issue may occur due to some reasons, including frosty water hoses or pumps.

You may also run out of water, which may create the issue of not having water. Blockage in the water-relevant component also triggers the no-water issue in your pressure washer.


If you are living in a cold area, then it’s normal for the water to get freeze. If it is the issue, then you may wait for its defrosting. Ensure that you have no water outage.

Check the water inlet valves; if they are filled with clogged, ensure to clean them. Check the nozzle, too. If it’s blocked, clean the debris and free the way for water flow. Make a necessary replacement for weary components.

Issue#4. Pressure Washer Swinging in Water Pressure

If your pressure washer fails to maintain the pressure of the water by turning high and low, then there must be an issue with the connection, or the issue occurs when the pump sealing gets damaged.


To fix the issue of the water pressure fluctuation, you need to inspect that all the connections are secured. Moreover, inspect the pumps, and ensure the valves are free from clogging. If there is anything, you need to make sure sure that there is no debris stuck in the valve and pump.

You may also consider the sealing is secured, and there is no wear or tear in pumps, valves, and the sealing. Ensure to replace the damaged item by contacting Greenworks support.

Issue#5. Pressure Washer Trembling

Another issue that your Greenworks washer may face is a trembling or pulsing issue usually triggered by insufficient water supply. It also happens when the water inlet valves catch air. A problematic nozzle also creates the issue.


To fix the issue, you need to check whether the water supply is fulfilling the requirements of your machine or not. If not, then fix the issue of not having enough water.

It would be better to use thick hoses which contain fewer bends. Make sure the inlet hoses and pump contains no blockage. You may also inspect the filter to see any clogging.

If you want your machine to work efficiently, you may ensure the water hoses are not kinked. If it’s cracked and causes the issue of leakage, then your machine may lead to a pulsing issue.

Issue #6. Greenworks Pressure Washer Stops Itself

If you are doing the cleaning job using your ideal Greenworks pressure washer, everything is alright, and suddenly it stops automatically. If it stops working, it usually happens due to a power issue. The pressure washer may also stop if the machine enables the thermal sensor.


To fix the issue, you need to inspect the fuse. If it is a burnt fuse, then you should replace it to fix the issue. Other relevant causes for the issue are a power outage or low power that does not fulfill the machine’s requirement.

If the pressure washer gets heated, it activates the thermal sensor. Consequently, it will turn the machine off. You have to wait for some time to let the unit cool. Remove the blockage of filters or nozzles.

Issue#7. Insufficient Cleaning Performance

If everything is fine, the pressure washer typically starts with no buzzing and no fluctuation, but still, it’s not cleaning perfectly as it needs to be, then there is an issue of an incorrect nozzle.


Don’t worry if your pressure washer is not cleaning properly. It has an easy solution. Just choose a suitable nozzle that can produce powerful pressure.

Pressure Washer, Water Pressure Issues

If your Greenworks washer pressure is not making the ideal pressure affecting its cleaning performance, some reasons require attention to maintain perfect water pressure while working.

So, if you want to fix the water pressure issue of your cleaning machine, you may consider the following methods to get work.

Check the Following Components Leakages Issues

To fix the issue of your machine’s water pressure, you need to inspect the leakages and wear pr tear issues of some specific components.

First, you need to check that there is no moisture from the pump. Check the sealing is secured and that there is no wear or tear on it. Secure the bolts or replace the component if you find any loose connections.

Secondly, you need to check the garden hose. A loose connection or problematic washer may create lead to leakages troubles. Examine the hose connection, ensure airtightly, and install new rubber washers if it breaks.

Inspect The Soap Injector

Water pressure can also be generated if the soap injector takes pauses from functioning. The leading cause of the following issue is powerful water stream voltage.

If the machine has powerful water pressure, it may trigger the improper release of detergent, soap, or chemicals with the water flow.

If the detergent tube inlet filter or valve is blocked, it may also cause water pressure issues, so check for any clogs. Inspect a suitable nozzle with accurate direction.

It would be best if you also considered the density of the soap solution. If it is too thick, you may fix the issue by adding water to the solution to suit the consistency.

Water Pressure Issue Due To Distortion Bypass

Another reason that you may blame the water pressure issue is the unloader valve seals and the pressure washer spring issues. Inspect the unloader valve and spring to fix the issue.

You should also check their installation is accurately done. Ensure the unloader valve is not having any issues of blockage or leakage; otherwise, clean the debris or replace the unloader valve or sealings.

Issue of Oil Releasing From Pump

It must be an unhappy feeling if you suspect your pressure washer’s pump is releasing oil. It is not an issue that you can let for fixing later. It would be best if you repaired it as soon as you notice.

Usually, the issue may occur bolts of the machine are not firmly tightened. Or another reason for the same issue is a faulty seal or piston. To fix these issues, you must firmly adjust and secure the bolts.

But if there is an issue with the piston or seals, it would be better to get the assistance of a pro. You may also consider returning it if it has a warranty.

Things You Should Check Before Starting Pressure Washer

If you want that your pressure washer doesn’t create any issues due to improper usage, then here we have gathered some information to help you better.

  • The primary purpose of the pressure washer is to clean the surface with a compatible pressure. So, you must ensure that the water supply is enough to fulfill your pressure washer’s needs accurately.
  • Ensure the machine doesn’t drop the water pressure due to the kinks of the hose. It would be better to use shorts and hoses having fewer curves. Considering small things affects a lot the functionality of a machine a.
  • Whenever you get ready with the pressure washer, attach the hose before unfolding the water valve. It would be best to drag the gun’s trigger before flicking on the machine. These tips will help you to release the air from the unit.
  • To prevent the unloader of the washer from getting through the bypass, you have to inspect the nozzle. Clean it before getting it into use. Choose a sound and appropriate nozzle to do the task accurately.
  • Unfasten the shield of the motor and inspect the capacitor. If it has burning marks, you must replace it before starting the machine.
  • You know very well that a combination of water and power can write someone’s death sentence. So, before starting the power supply, you need to make sure that your hands or machine is not wet.
  • You should also check the power cord is in good condition and that you are plugging it into a working outlet. Otherwise, it may cause a power fluctuation that may trigger any component to get burnt and make another trouble for you.

Steps To Run Greenworks Pressure Washer

  • Keep your pressure washer flat and on a leveled surface.
  • The water strainer should be cleaned and adjusted accurately.
  • Attach both ends of the garden hose to the machine and the water supply firmly and securely.
  • It would be best to attach a powerful pressure hose to the water outlet.
  • Choose the correct nozzle with a firm attachment.
  • Pour detergent or anything you want to use for cleaning purposes into the injector.
  • Unfold the water supply.
  • The water will enter the hose and fill it. Drag the trigger on the gun to prevent air from getting into the machine.


In the following article, you will be able to know all the issues of Greenworks pressure washer troubleshooting successfully. You may repair the issue by inspecting the symptoms of your machine and then applying the relevant solution for it. You may also consider contacting a professional to fix the issue.

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