Do bed bugs crawl on walls

Do bed bugs crawl on walls. You must be aware of the name of a bed bug. It usually loves to live in beds. It may abound in specific cavities of material, such as furniture, wall cracks, and even ceilings.

The query arises here do bed bugs crawl on walls? The answer is yes.

You might know that the wall and ceilings contain grooves that enable the bed bugs to crawl on them using their claws on the edge of their legs.

They make a grip with the claws on the lines of the surface and crawl anywhere they want. As you know, bed bugs are feathery means they don’t have a heavy weight which is another plus point they have for the crawl.

Absolute Information about Do bed bugs crawl on walls

Most people consider that bed bugs only occupy the beds as their name shows, but it would be wrong to say that because they can be found in other items.

Stores, mates, sofas, and fabric window cover allure the pests evenly. They don’t have the features of flying or jumping; that’s why they used to crawl on almost every surface.

Usually, there are different reasons for crawling. And mainly use the narrow cracks in walls and deep and dark corners of their suitable things for a living. They come at night toward you to get food for them.

So you can say that three reasons urge bed bugs to start a journey through crawling. The first is food, and if they don’t feel hungry, the bed bugs crawl to find a partner or to search for a suitable breeding place.

Do the Bed Bugs Crawl in Daylight?Do the Bed Bugs Crawl in Daylight

You may wonder to know that bed bugs are nocturnal pests. There is no evidence of their presence during the day. Moreover, they came out the in the night to feed themselves from a sleepy person.

The night crawling doesn’t mean they are afraid of daylight. But with time, they taught them that getting off their residence is one of the safest ways to do their feeding, breeding, or looking for mate tasks.

Most people fail to discover them as the bed bugs are professional spies and remain under the shield of darkness. That’s why it’s challenging to discover any bed bug in the daylight.

On the other hand, hiding from lights doesn’t mean that staying lights on will keep you safe from them. Even if you keep the lights on for a long time, a bed bug may not stay hungry for that much time and will surely try to hunt you.

Wondering How They Come at Any?

If you think that you have been living peacefully in your home for a few or several years, the issue of bed bugs suddenly arises in your room and spreads to others.

Usually, these pests come through infestation. It might be possible that you have placed old furniture, a bed, mattress or couch, or something infested. And after that, it starts spreading in your living area.

If they stay prolonged, they may start breeding and turns into multiples. They also move from one place to another, even from one room to another room and building to another. As a consequence, it makes you wonder about their existence.

Another question that comes to light is “Whether the bed bug is detrimental or not”?

As we have explained before, bed bugs tend to a human beings to feed themselves. It loved to bite and gulp the blood. But the condition is attacked on a sleepy person.

Still, there is no evidence for appearing any disease after getting bites from the bed bug rather than some bites reactions, like an allergy or itching with a prominent attacking spot.

You will be amazed after knowing that bed bugs affect a person’s emotional health. If you face bed bugs in your house, you may feel insomnia, agitation, and other infectious and noninfectious matters.

How Long Can A Bed Bug Survive Without Blood?

The lifespan of a bed bug is based on its period of life, especially when it is hiding in the cracks of the wall. For example, the nymph pests require food daily, so they can’t live prolonged without food.

Small nymphs also can’t survive long if they can get blood to live. There are only adult bed bugs that can live longer than a year. You can estimate their living span without food as 400 days.

But another thing that affects their lives is the weather of winters and summers. If you live in hot weather, the bed bug will stay there for almost one year.

On the other hand, surviving in cold weather is challenging for pests. So they will be dead in 45 days in winter.


It’s hard for bed bugs to live in severe weather, whether it’s too hot or too cold. So, you may get rid of them with a steam cleaner.

Ways To Get Rid of Bed BugsGet Rid of Bed Bugs

Even though these tiny pests don’t appear in front of you, maybe you have seen them at night with they attack you after tuning the light On or after seeing the allergic and bite marks after waking up, you may be concerned about them.

If you ever find their symptoms in any capacity, you must think about their elimination as soon as possible. Please don’t give them a chance for reproduction in the earlier moments.

If you detect a bed bug or any of its signs,  you may consider removing them using the following method. Proceed with each step carefully.

1. To get rid of the bed bugs, inspect their residence. The time they infest, they start breeding. Check the following spots to approach them.

  • Cavities in the bed joints.
  • Middle of the couch cushions and baseboards.
  • Back sides of circuit boards.
  • Junction of ceiling and wall.

Put the bed bug in a jar and a scoop of rubbing alcohol

2. Use a vacuum for all the cracks, grooves, and joints, including beds and couches, to catch them easily. Wash the clothes in a washer at a hot temperature.

3. Ensure clean bed bug-infested places. Avoid shifting an infested thing to another place. It may trigger other rooms to get infested. You may seal the gaps of beds, sofas, circuit boards, and other accessories.

TIP: Place your furniture away from the wall.

4. You can wash the infested things with hot water. Just do it. Heat dry the stuff. Ensure to run wash and spin cycle must be run for 30 minutes.

5. Place the infested items outside the house in the sunlight. You may also use black polybags to keep infested things outside. If the weather in your area stays normal, it may take a minimum of 2 to 6 months to kill them.

6. To kill them using coldness, place the bags into to freezer. Getting rid of them may take 4 days at -17°C.

Final Thought

The following article contains all the possible information about bed bugs. You may know about their favorite living places, food, surviving time, and biting effects.

You may also get to know their resources and the different ways to eliminate them. Follow the instructions carefully to make your house free from bed bugs.

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