Bizerba slicer troubleshooting

Bizerba slicer troubleshooting. Bizerba slicer a machine is to cuts the big food products into slices. It is mostly used in various pizza, bakery, and sandwich shops. Large slabs of meat are created into small slices. Due to daily usage, normal wear and tear occur to them.

As you know that there are a lot of fats in the meat and other foods so it is mandatory to sharpen the blades of the machine after two to three days to improper the working efficiency.

If there is a power failure issue then check the power cable, maybe it is damaged due to twisting or kinking. Check the voltage readings in the circuit from the main box if the machine is making noise or it is not running.

Like if your bizebra slicer machine is making a lot of noise then turn off the machine and separate the food from it. Restart the machine after half an hour. The machine will stop making the noise.

Bizerba slicer troubleshootingBizerba slicer troubleshooting 2022

Proper maintenance of every electrical appliance is compulsory to increase its life span and efficiency. You are here it means your machine is also malfunctioning so continue to read the article because it will help you in troubleshooting various issues.

1. Unusual noise

If an unusual noise is coming from the machine then turn off the unit immediately without wasting any time. Pull out the cord from the socket.

If you will continue to operate the machine then it is very risky because there is a risk of harm. Try to operate the machine after half an hour, if still, it is making some kind of noise then check it to the service center.

2. The machine is not running

If the machine is not running or operating then mostly it is due to the power failure. Shut off the unit for five minutes. Sometimes the appliance heats up because of continuous usage.

So do not use the machine for a longer time and stop it to cool down the components. You can also check the voltage reading and circuit breaker of the outlet from the main circuit box.

3. Clean the blades

The blades of the bizerba slicer are its main parts because thy cut the big parts of cheese or meat into small slices. Due to the usage and amount of fats, the sharpness of the blades becomes slow so make sure to clean the blades with soapy water after two days.

But, don’t forget to wear safety gloves on your hands before cleaning the blades.

4. The motor reboot switch is tripped

If the machine is not operating then check the motor reboot switch. At times it trips off due to overload in the circuit. It is located below the machine so press the switch to reboot the machine.

5. Motor failure

The bizebra slicer’s motor is responsible to spin the blades for converting the big parts of meat into small slices. If you inspect that there is no power failure and there is no issue with the voltage and circuit breaker then, the motor is the culprit.

There is a possibility that the jaws of gears of the motor are defective due to which the motor is not working. In such a scenario, the unit’s motor needs to be repaired or replaced to run the machine.

6. Inspect if the machine demands cleaning

If the machine is cutting a large amount of food daily then its proper cleaning is very important to increase its life. There are a lot of fats in the meat that is stuck with the blade and other components.

So if you do not clean and remove the blades then their sharpness will decrease so you can use various techniques to clean all parts of the machine to remove the dust and debris. But, wear gloves before you start the cleanliness of the unit.

How to Unpack, Install, Clean, Sharpen


The final words of this discussion are all electrical appliances demand proper care and maintenance for proper efficiency.

Bizerba slicer machine is good to have in the shop to save time but if you will not clean it accurately after cutting the meat slices then it will start malfunctioning so its troubleshooting is explained above to help you.

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