lima bean skins coming off

lima bean skins coming off. Lima bean is the most popular bean in America. It is a much-purchased product in the American market.

But people face a problem with it that their lima bean skins come off when they sock the lime bean as socking of lime bean is essential before cooking. In this article, we will see all the detail about why the lime bean skins coming off.

lima bean skins coming offlima bean skins coming off

Lima bean is also named wax bean, double bean, chad bean, and some other names. It mostly comes in dried form in the market. You can also buy it in its fresh form when there is a  season for lima bean.

These beans have a shape like a kidney bean. Lima bean shells mostly consisted of 2-5 seeds. It is a rich source of fat-free protein. It has dietary fibers. Lima beans contained a flat shell these shells contain bean which is usually in a curved shape.

This bean shall be stored by canning so you can buy this bean at every time or any season. But there is something wrong with this bean that is their skin is off during the socking process.

Lima bean split off during soaking

It is common problem faced by lima bean users that the lima bean split off when they get socked to cook. Rehydration is a common reason labeled behind these phenomena.

When you socked your lima bean, not in a correct way then it will cause rehydration inside the bean which becomes a cause of splits in beans.


Rehydration of lima bean is very essential for the cooking lime bean. Because softened beans easily absorb taste and make lima bean creamy and delicious. But it seems to be split when the lima bean coat is not getting sufficiently soft then it will cause rehydration inside a bean a cause bean to be split or their skin comes off.

It is interesting to be known that magnesium and calcium are responsible for softening process and these both ions are found in lima beans.

When lima bean is soaked in water then the sodium ion present in water exchanges the magnesium and calcium ion of lima bean. Lima bean gets softened because it loses its entire ion in its skin.

Due to this reason, the lima bean which gets to be soaked in water contains rich sodium ion which prevents lima bean from splitting or their skin coming off.

Tips to avoid lima beans skins coming off

In the above section, we will discuss the reason why lima bean skin comes off. Now we will go on to tell you some effective tips to prevent your lima bean skins come off during the cooking process.

  1. Old is Gold” is the best is suggested to use your grandmother’s tips which follow the technique is that our grander mothers soaked the beans overnight for cooking. so it is suggested to sock your lima bean overnight as overnight soaking will soften the coat of the lime bean sufficient and make its coat rehydrate.
  2. Add a large amount of salt to the water that is used to be socking your lima bean. Because we know that salt contains a sodium ion and sodium ion in salt will easily replace the magnesium and chloride ion from lima bean skin and prevent it from coming to their skin.
  3. Cooking on a high flame and too much also become a cause your Lima bean skin comes off. So it is suggested to cook lima bean only at high flame and avoid stirring the lima bean. Because lima bean skin is very silky and it is come off due to stirring.
  4. Another suggestion there is that you can cook your lima bean in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit temperature rather than using any stove.

Final words

Lima bean is a rich source of protein and fiber. It is also good in taste but people complained that their lima bean skin comes off during cooking. We will completely see all the aspects regarding this issue of why lima bean skin comes off during cooking and also give you effective tips to prevent your lima bean skin comes off.

I hope this article proves to be helpful for you people. Reading the article carefully will help you in the future to troubleshoot the lima bean skin coming off.

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